DIY Wine Glass Lanterns

Here’s another one of my Wedding DIY Projects:

Wine Glass Lanterns.

I first saw these online and immediately fell in love.

2013-11-17 00.45.16

As a bride who’s not into flowers so much, seeing a simple wedding centre-piece using wine glasses, candles, and a simple paper cut-out seemed like the best and easiest thing to do.

There are many options for flower-less centerpieces, the ideas seemed endless while being innovative.


At some point last year, I had cupboards full of old wine bottles, mason jars, and the like. But I decided to go with the wine glass lanterns as they seemed more elegant than a plain mason jar filled with sand and a candle in it. Don’t get me wrong, I could make use of those mason jars likewise and I love the idea. Even the votive with lace on it seem brilliant. But lace can be expensive, and not everybody carries a nice variety of lace – trust me, I’ve looked.

Having decided on the wine glass lantern, I tried my hand at it at the initial stage which made me realise there are many ways one can make these wine glass lanterns.

2013-12-04 20.40.45
My first attempt at the Wine Glass Lantern

The template for the lanterns can be found here. But what I like most is the ability to use any kind of paper, either plain white, tinted, or coloured, textured or otherwise. I even bought a page punch I use to add a pattern to the plain white lantern to the left above. For the other two lanterns I used decorative paper I found at the Liguanea Drug and Garden Centre. The glow from the wine glass lanterns is subtle and romantic, and I love it.

Here a decorator, my mom, my moh, and myself, put together a mock-up of the dining table for the reception so that we can actually see our design in real-life, and so that we could modify and adjust our design way before it’s too late.

2014-01-11 16.47.28

The wedding colours are burgundy, burnt orange, and plum . . . very Mediterranean if you ask me. But as we tried the white lanterns on the tables, I realise they stick out like a sour thumb. Just like the white charger (to the back) that we decided against because of its stark contrast.

I am thinking to get paper in the colours of the wedding but others feel the white looks good and that the white would give the same romantic feel much better than lanterns of colour.

Seriously guys . . . what do you think?

White Lanterns or Coloured Lanterns?!

I need your help!


  1. I say use a coloured paper, but something subtle that will not compete with the other colours of the wedding….or use a neutral colour like gold or bronze…
    I love the idea of the wineglass lanterns….


So tell me . . . what do you think?

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