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Good day folks, I hope all is well with you 🙂

Today I wanted to share with you, a little about my friend Danielle. I met Danielle when I started playing Kalooki with my Kalooki family way back in the day. It just so happened that we worked in the same area so we constantly ran into each other. But a couple of years ago, I decided to try my hand at E.L.F. cosmetics as a business venture of mine, and it was then that I discovered Danielle’s passion for make-up. She often bought make-up from me shortly before she decided to start a business of her own by doing make-up for people for special events and/or occasions.

I then thought ‘Wouldn’t it be cool to interview her for my blog?’ There are many reasons why I wanted to interview her: I wanted to pick her brain as to why she started and how she keeps going, how she balances her work life and her business life, and what her experience has been. I also wanted to know a little about the make-up process because I’m almost clue-less when it comes to make-up, and I wanted to get to know her a little better seeing as how she’ll be doing my make-up for the wedding.

So here follows my interview with Danielle, the make-up artiste extraordinaire!

What is the name of your make-up business?

I have no clue as to what to call it just yet. 2014 is the year to make it official.

When did you decide to start doing make-up and why?

I started in 2011. Make-up has always been an avid interest of mine; I have a love for art and craft.

Where did you learn to do make-up?

I did a short course at HEART College of Beauty Services. I also watch YouTube videos and I follow make-up artists on Instagram.

What is it about make-up that you like the most?

The ability to use colour to express my moods: bright lips if I’m happy, dark eyes if I’m moody.

How long does it take for you to complete one face? How long does it take you in the mornings to put yourself together?

Preparation is key. It takes me 20 minutes to do my make-up, but depending on the events and the look one wants, it may take me 30-40 minutes to complete one look.

What has been some of your failures or setbacks and how did you overcome them?

This is more embarrassing than a failure: Once when a fellow make-up artist couldn’t make a photo-shoot, she asked me to go in her stead. I didn’t because I wasn’t confident enough and I chickened out. I haven’t really forgiven myself for that, but I am learning to be confident in what I do and I’m constantly reminded that I have to practice, practice, practice!

What has been the most successful or rewarding point in your business?

The “I don’t want to wash my face” effect. I had a bride that exclaimed that she did not want to wash her face even after her guests were gone. I enjoy the fact that my clients are that pleased with my work.

Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur or an artist?

A little of both.

What is the next level for your make-up business?

Making it official, coming up with a name, business cards, that sort of thing. I am also partnering with two photographers to try to build my brand. They’re both aspiring artists like myself and not to sound corny or anything but together each achieves more . . . Lol!

For the laypeople like myself, in your opinion, what are the best products to use?

A good product to use is a good moisturizer, water-based for oily skin. It is important to know some of the natural alternatives as many people have sensitive skin. For example, Rose Water can be used as a toner and is gentler than some of the products out there.

In terms of brands, everyone will claim they have the ‘wonder’ foundation or the ‘miracle’ moisturizer or the ‘magic’ brush. Personally I have found both high-end and discount brands that work well. Mac, Milani, E.L.F., BH Cosmetics, Revlon, Black Opal, Maybelline and L’Oreal are brands I currently use.

I’d really like to try Graftobian, Ben Nye, Motive Cosmetics and Royal Care Cosmetics.

List 3 basic steps one can do each morning to look their best without having to spend hours on their make-up.

A clean and moisturized face is paramount – air conditioning and cold weather can be just as drying as heat.

Combed brows – the brows frame the face.

Lip Gloss, Lip stick, lip balm – for moisture and a pop of colour.

List your accomplishments and experiences, and your hobbies and interests.

I’ve done a bridal party, two fashion shows, and graduation pics.

I love travelling, foreign languages (Danielle speaks french and spanish fluently), and discovering new food spots. I also have an interest in teaching which I am currently pursuing. I really want to work with other established make-up artists so I can develop my craft.

Here are some samples of Danielle’s make-up skills . . . she got some mad skills doan?!

collage-Makeup by Danielle

For booking or more information, please call Danielle at (876) 851-7808 or email her at

I just want to thank Danielle for taking the time to answer my questions. I know I’m no Katie Couric or Ellen DeGeneres but a girl’s gotta try to start somewhere, right?! I am really thrilled to have a post like this to share with you today, and I am doubly happy Danielle could avail herself for me.


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