DIY Brooch Bouquet

You guys can go ahead and stop me when I’ve gotten boring and overbearing, ok?! You can do me that solid!

Back to the topic at hand though . . .

Brooch Bouquets


When I started looking for inspiration for the wedding, one of the first things that struck me was the Brooch bouquet. I’m not big on flowers, although I don’t mind a nice bouquet of flowers every once in a while, I’m not really a fan of flowers at weddings. Scratch that, I’m not a fan of flowers at MY wedding. Plus I know they tend to cost an arm and a leg – floral arrangements and stuff.

So when I stumbled upon the Brooch Bouquet I knew immediately that that is what I’m having/getting/doing . . . you name it, the answer was Brooch Bouquet.

I love the idea of using brooches. There are even some bouquets that use buttons and pearls and even hair clips instead of the traditional flowers. And they are all beautiful mi a tell you!

But the retailers that I found online also charge an arm and a leg for the Brooch Bouquets, and I get it. I mean, they’d be using brooches which can be expensive, and putting it together can be another expense all together.

So I looked for DIY versions, because there has to be someone out there who thought like me and tried a ting demselves, right?!

Yes, I am right. There are many tutorials of How to make a Brooch Bouquet on YouTube alone. And for every tutorial I found, there’s a Brooch Bouquet specialist who advises against doing-it-yourself.

Some of their concerns range from the overall cost of the brooches and the equipment you would need to complete one bouquet, that it takes time to put one together, that you should prepare yourself for failures and pin pricks and do-overs. And I have to admit, those reasons all seemed daunting to me at first. But like the idiot I am I chucked it off to someone not having good hand-eye coordination (which I have, thank-you-very-much), not being careful, and not doing their research.

So I went ahead and decided that this is one of my DIY projects for the wedding. I searched online for the best prices on brooches and found a batch on which sold many of them at wholesale prices and they were shipped directly from China – the suppliers. I bought enough brooches and flower pins for 4 bouquets because at the time I was planning for 3 bridesmaids, plus myself. Now I think I have more than enough to make 3 nice sized bouquets (one for myself, my MOH, and for the bouquet toss which is really a bouquet give-away . . . I cannot throw a brooch bouquet, you mad?! It ago heavy and it ago lick smaddy in dem head).

With my brooches and flower pins ready I decided to go with this tutorial for making the Brooch Bouquets.

Why did I choose this version?

Aside from the fact that its a bit lengthy, I think she gave a comprehensive overview of how to make the bouquets, where you can look for inexpensive brooches, what kind of bases (or synthetic flowers) you may want, and the equipment you will need. Also, based on her listing of equipment, the only thing I needed to get was the floral wire, which made the decision so much easier for me. It is off-putting to see other tutorials saying you need this, that, and the other thing . . . it makes you think it’s not that easy to do-it-yourself at all.

What was the biggest take-away from her tutorial?

That I should double the wire on the brooches to get a firmer stem.

That I should expect to redo and reassemble the bouquets more than once.

That I should be patient with the process, which is a big thing for me. I’m not that patient with myself.

To the left: my collection of brooches. To the right: my first attempt.

There you have it folks! My first attempt at the Brooch Bouquet and I have to say I’m still very excited!

Yes I have stabbed myself with one of the brooches already (not because I’m clumsy but because the pin was wider than the brooch itself so there!). I have to get more floral wire – I bought 10 yards and it wasn’t enough to complete one bouquet; and as a result, I have to redo the bouquet.

And in case you missed it, the pin with the direwolf on it is proof that I am such a geek, because I just had to have something Game of Thrones in my bouquet.

But its all in the name of fun, right?!

Fun and DIY! 😉





So tell me . . . what do you think?

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