Morning Run vs Evening Run

Last Saturday I decided to take my pooch for a walk while my other half played football in the morning.

At the time, I thought it was a brilliant idea; a great way to get some exercise on the weekend, while relieving my dog of her pent-up tension. After all, it was only a walk. I had gone for a jog the Friday night before so I didn’t need to go all out that Saturday morning.

Unfortunately for me, that walk did a number on me. I have no idea why though, because like I said, I had gone jogging the night before, so surely a little walk wouldn’t do much harm. But that was one painful Saturday. I was on edge the entire day; my head, my lower back, my hamstrings, my feet . . . omg . . . every where hurt! It was unbelievable. It was reminiscent of an early morning run.

Usually when I’ve completed one of those early morning runs, like the Sigma Corporate Run, I would be in that same amount of pain for the rest of the day. But Sigma Run occurs on a Sunday, so I would generally have the rest of the day to recuperate. Last Saturday, I had things to do on the road, therefore the recuperation didn’t occur until the Sunday, and by then, most of the pain had waned.

This Saturday, I had my first run for the year, the Colour Me Happy 5k Run. It was put on by Brush Up Jamaica in order to raise funds in aid of purchasing various dental equipment to continue providing free dental care island-wide.

The run started at Hope Gardens, circumvented the University of Technology and back down to the Hope Gardens. It began at 4p.m. Saturday afternoon and ended with a Soca party (at least they played Soca until we left).

At regular intervals, maybe at the km marks, they threw colour at us, covering us from head to toe in yellow, red, blue, and green. It was cool! I even got mouthfuls and a nose full of colour, and he got a head full of yellow as well. Lol!

collage-Colour Me Run

The run wasn’t timed, which was a disappointment for me, but I am happy to say I finished the run before I even thought I reached 1/2 way. I did have to walk at two points though, but the running wasn’t that bad for me this time around.

And to top it all off, I wasn’t in that much pain after the run.

You see, I knew I had the run Saturday, so my regular jogging schedule during the week was trimmed down, as I didn’t want to over-exert myself before the run. So when Saturday came, I was a bit worried that my body would not be ready for the run.

We had a hearty breakfast, which wouldn’t have happened if the run was in the am. We ran some errands afterwards, and came back home by midday. I decided to take a 45 minute nap which extended to 2 hours while he played Fifa. Then I had to go drop him off at football practise at 2pm. I then went for a late lunch, picked him up and made our way to the Hope Gardens by 4pm just in time to start the run.

He didn’t run because he was just coming from practise so I left him as I started my run, and like I said, I finished it before I could say “how much further?”

After the run, we got some food and went home. Surprisingly, I felt no pain after the run. In fact, I didn’t feel tired in the least. I felt the same way I do after my regular jogs at the park in the evenings.

Are they related?

Could my jogging in the evening have conditioned me for the Colour me run last Saturday evening?

Or was it because I had a healthy breakfast and something to eat right before my run? Which generally wouldn’t have happened if the run was in the early morning.

When it comes to these 5k runs, is the morning run better than the evening run?

I assume most think it would be better to get the running over with before anything else, because some people might have stuff to do afterwards.

But for me, obviously the evening runs are better!

For those of you who run/jog, which is better for you? A morning jog or evening run?!



  1. I prefer to run in the evening/night. Its cooler. No morning Sun beating down on me. Also I’m not much of a morning person. I’ve tried jogging in the morning and the biggest challenge is waking up. I mean….that’s my sleep time. It’s precious. I’d rather put in long hours at night than wake up early and the same goes for fitness. But that’s me.


    • I think I would have to agree with you. I’m not a morning person, but many say you have to become one in order to be successful, yadda yadda yadda. But it doesn’t work for me. I really can not wake up early to exercise, I guess that’s why it ultimately doesn’t agree with me, running in the am.

      Thanks for dropping a line 🙂


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