Seeds of Earth: Book Review Week 3

Ok . . . NOW it a get interesting!

Mi seh . . . one piece a pappyshow a gwaan you see.

So, de Earth vessel lan’, wid Ambassadors fram Earth, an one Representative from the Sendruka territory.

Di people dem have one big celebration fi welcome dem people deh, and smaddy nuh shoot afta di Sendrukan, kill him breddrin and ting, now evry baddy deh pon dem P’s and Q’s.

But get dis nuh! Di planet weh di humans dem inhabit, Darien, deh INNA di Sendrukan territory. How dem fi a shoot afta di man so?! A eediat ting dat!

So aff course di Sendrukan dem sen fi come tek ova di place. Den nuh muss?!

But dem is not the violent type. No man, fi dem ting is Order and Regulations and dem ting deh. Dem waan know dem have unnuh anda control.

So di Ambassador from Earth, him a try suggest to de Dariens, how dem fi move forward so it nuh look too bad. Which make mi realise seh Earth did probably unda Sendrukan authority too, for him know how dem stay and what dem gwen want.

But hol’ on deh likkle bit . . . dere is more!

Pon one next side a di universe, one a di ship dem weh escape Earth before di Swarm invasion, dem did survive. Apparantly, when dem did lef eart dem saw one murky looking star-system and decide fi go hide in deh. But dem nuh run up inna badniss!

Dem fine one asteroid fi lan pon zeen, in di miggle of one hostile take-over. Mi get di feeling seh some humans were taken captive, but di ress a dem escape on dem ship, the Tenebrosa. When dem lef da likkle asteroid, dem nuh run up inna furda badniss! Dem call dem peeple deh the Roug, tall and lanky aliens who offered di humans ‘safe keeping’ unda special circumstances. Dat being, dem haffi work fi di Roug fi di nex 110 years before dem call phone Earth.

Can you imagine?! Dem over yah so unda lock an key and dem ova deh so unda strict regulations.

Den, pon tap a all a dis, di Roug dem hear bout di Earth vessel a go a Darien and seh to demself, dem shudda sen’ one a di humans whe dem have fi go enter into some form a arrangement fi transport di humans whe dem have fi go ova Darien.

So dem choose one bredda and sen him wid a Roug escort fi go entreaty di humans on Darien. When dem lef di go ova deh so, smaddy nuh kill di Roug and kidnap di human because dis part a di universe weh dem inna, apparantly nuh know a wha name Human and mussi tink dem is delicacy.

Mi seh, a one piece a hell and powda house you see!

In other words, mi into di book now! A tell you more next week. Mi gone go read 😉


One comment

  1. I love that you decided to write it in patois, which made me realise that you really understood what was going on in the book… I actually feel like I’m reading it with you….go deh mi fren!!!


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