Weekly Photo Challenge: Family of Kalookians

The Weekly Photo Challenge posted on Friday last asked for photos of what you consider ‘Family’. I thought about this for about 2 seconds and knew exactly which direction I wanted to take. I could go along with my traditional family – my mother, brother, and grandmother, but I wanted to highlight another family of mine, that is so dear to my heart.

My Kalooki Family

Kalooki is a card game VERY popular in Jamaica. They say it’s like Rummy though I have no idea what that is; I say it’s a lot like poker but in a strategic manner.

Kalooki though, is a game passed down from generation to generation. I’m not sure when it started or by whom, and I probably should do some research into it, because that would just be fascinating, I think! But everyone I know who plays Kalooki, learnt it from their parents.

It is a game you play with 3 or more people. I remember a friend, Lauren, invited me to come play with her group on a Saturday night donkey years ago. I brought my other half with me and we have been apart of that group of Kalookians for the last . . . I want to say 7 years, but I’m not entirely sure, but it’s been aloooooong time.

Needless to say, those Kalookians, the friends I’ve made that Saturday night long ago, the people we still play with . . . they have become my Family.

Lauren on the left, Ash in the middle, and Yours Truly at the end. Chances are, Lauren and I were contesting a card hence the dedding of laughter from the two of us.

We have a core group of 6 including myself and my other half, which makes for a great game, any day of the week. But we have the distant ‘aunts’ and ‘uncles’ who pass through every now and then, and I could not leave them out, for they were and still are apart of US.

The Family
The Family
Circa 2008 – Me looking to tack some of my cards, and Patrick hoping I don’t win.
Concentration has begun!
Richie not looking so pleased there on the left, Patrick just waiting on the right.
From Left to Right: Patrick, Richie, Christine, Myself
Lauren with the newest member of our Family – Moya Renae

The thing about this is, I don’t have many friends. As a matter of fact, I seem to only can afford one set of friends at a time. Like, I literally don’t have the energy level to sustain multiple kinds of friends ‘all over the world’ . . . it’s just never worked out for me. So when I find a group of friends that I feel comfortable with – that’s me, me criss! I don’t need anything or anybody else. I realise that everybody else may have their multiple friends, and that’s always been a sore topic for me, because I’m the jealous type, but I also know that these guys consider our Kalooki game – home . . . at least I think they do :/

We’ve had marriages (well one so far, mine is the second in the group), and a little bundle of joy added to the family. That little bundle has 4 God-Mothers and God only knows how many God-Fathers, but we all have adopted this little girl like she’s our very own. And we all plan to pass down our tradition to the youngins as our parents did us.

We came for our love of Kalooki, stayed for the vibes, and created a Family.



So tell me . . . what do you think?

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