Week 2 and I haven’t got a clue!

For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m reading Seeds of Earth by Michael Cobley for the month of January and you can read my first review here.

So I’m 2 weeks into the book and I’m still lost. Arite, maybe I’m not all that lost any more, but there are times when I just don’t know what he (the author) is talking about.

I feel like I can tell you about the story as I go along because there is no way I’m going to tell you to read it for yourself. I would NOT be that wicked. Then why am I doing it to myself though? I have no idea . . . well I do, I want to say I finished it, as bad as it is, I want to be able to say this and this and this happened, but it sucked because of that.

So, the last thing I mentioned about the book was that the human inhabitants of the alien planet were anticipating the arrival of their first Earth vessel in 150 years. The vessel has now landed and there are now Earth-Humans on the planet with the human inhabitants. You can tell something is about to happen, some shit storm is coming, and that is a bit interesting. You can feel the tension between the two kinds, which is surprising with a book that is as difficult to read.

For the most part, I’ve gotten past the incomprehensible writing to the point where, if I reach a section and realise I’m not getting it, I just move on, because there is no use in re-reading and baffling myself about it. At this point, I’m just reading it to get it over with; there is no joy in the read, no pleasure in the journey.

It’s like that 3D movie you paid full price for you and your hunny to see at the theatre (because 3D movies cost an arm and a leg right?!) only to find out it is directed poorly and it drones on and on, with a little excitement and action sprinkled sparingly on top (like that’s what will sell the movie), and you can’t exactly get up and leave because your hunny is fast asleep next to you. Yep!

So, while I’m here struggling with this book, I’ve been gathering a list of books I want to read in the coming months, and I can not wait! I may just put this book down at the end of January, done or not. I just can’t . . . its too much and not enough all at the same time.

The other day I came across The Read Room’s Reading Bingo Challenge 2014 which is a post challenging people to go on scavenger hunts by finding particular books to read throughout this year.

I’m not joining the Challenge, but the card above gives me some ideas as to the types of books I can look out for. From the pic above, I can pin-point the following types of books I want to give a try:

A forgotten classic

A book that became a movie (that I have not yet watched)

A book with non-human characters

A funny book

A book of short stories

A book of non-fiction

A best-selling book

A book based on a true story

A book a friend loves

A book that scares me

A book with an epic love story (although not on this card, it was on another Reading Bingo Card)

There are 11 types of books listed above. I stopped at 11, because I am indeed reading the 1st of the 12 books I’m planning to read this year, and the first book represents . . .

A book that’s difficult to read (which I will soon cross off my list)

From the Bingo Card above, what kind of book would you consider reading next? Or have you done all that already?!


So tell me . . . what do you think?

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