Excuses excuses!

You know that moment you’re formulating in your head, the proper excuse you have for the thing you are not doing?

Let me explain!

Yesterday, while watching tv and scrolling through my Instagram feed, I was contemplating my exercise routine and coming up with excuses as to why I don’t eat properly any more, and why I’m not consistent with my exercising.

The wedding is in 3 months time, and since the Christmas holidays, I’ve had a sinking feeling that I indulged a little too much, and I fear I wont fit into my dress. Hence the recent urgency with my exercise and dieting plan. I want to feel like I’ve lost weight so I can stop fearing that my dress wont fit. Because, let’s face it, I will have a kitten, a conniption, and an aneurysm if that dress, MY dream dress does not fit come April.

But . . . I keep making excuses.

And my excuses range from:

“I’m dawg hungry” for which I will eat any and everything.

“Mi cyaan fine a good salad rightya now” for which I will eat any and everything.

“That ‘Toss an’ Roll’ place deh too far” for which I will eat any and everything.

“I’m too tired rightya now fi a fix nuh big big dinna” for which I will eat any and everything.

Mom says “Have you tried that new Fish shop?” for which I will have a fish sandwich (even though they have a shrimp salad) with fries (when I should not).

The exercising part of the plan isn’t that bad. I still try to go jogging twice a week, I just need to incorporate some at-home exercising in between those days. My one and only excuse for not doing any workouts at home is because late last year Luna (my Shih-poo) took my yoga mat as a chew toy and went to town with it. So I have to go buy a new one, and sorry to say that has not been a priority for me lately.

So yeah, there I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, making up these excuses and justifying them when I came across this:


Well box mi dung an tell me fi shut up!

“You can have results or excuses. Not both.”

*takes a deeeeeeeep breath* sigh! So . . . I’m left speechless!

Seriously, I have no words.

But since it’s results I want, I have to do away with the excuses . . . RESULTS is what I want. RESULTS is what it is.




  1. I so could’ve written this… totally how I feel… well I don’t have a wedding dress to fit into… but my other clothes are feeling a little snug… and by snug I mean me and my 4 month pregnant sister are looking too much alike right now ๐Ÿ˜€ … you know what I do sometimes is like how I love sitting here watching TV… well during commercials I try doing like sit ups or planks… I mean it’s just brief moments… and I’m still being more lazy than not… but at least I’m doing something… the fact that you actually go jogging twice a week though has put you way ahead of me…


    • Are you kidding me?! Do sit ups during the commercials?! Now why didn’t I think of that, thats brilliant. Like I could do sit ups one evening, the next I do planks, and then squats, and I think you are a genius! Thanks for suggestion ๐Ÿ™‚ but the fact that you do that is much better than just sitting on the couch, and its step one … soon you’ll start step two, and run marathons and things like that ๐Ÿ˜‰ I just know it!


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