Date Night at The Wine Shop

During the Gleaner’s Restaurant Week November 2013, I heard of this thing called ‘Wine Tasting’ at the Wine Shop. I initially thought that that was something for the rich and fabulous . . . “there is no way a likkle fryas like me can afford to do any kinda wine tasting” I thought.

I’m glad I was wrong.

Wine Tasting is the fine art of examining and evaluating wine through our senses, that being sight, smell, and taste.

I took my fiance to the Wine Shop in December for his birthday. It was under the guise of tasting wine for our wedding, which was true to an extent, but in actuality, I was really only there for the wine. What transpired however, was something more than I could ever have imagined. Maybe I’m uncultured, maybe I’m just a simpleton, but it was one of our best date nights yet . . . seriously! Like I could do Wine tasting every weekend, and no, I’m not a drunk.

How can I explain?!

When we arrived, just after 7pm, we were greeted by the Manager Mr. Osman, whom I had spoken with at length over the phone. We spoke of the purpose of the visit, it being Patrick’s birthday, and that I wanted (us) to taste wine so we can invest in a good bottle of wine to be opened on our 10th anniversary. Mr. Osman not only remembered the conversation (which I just suspected many wouldn’t have, especially because I didn’t), but he introduced us to the Wine Shop. He further explained the difference between wine chosen for an upcoming event versus wine to be preserved for an event in the future. Mr. Osman then left us with his trusted assistant Cherise* who then took us through the steps of wine tasting.

Most, if not all of us would swirl a glass of wine, sniff it, then gulp it and claim we’ve tasted wine, which in truth, is the correct process, and I’ll admit I’ve done that. But there is more to it than that.

Cherise took us through each step and showed us what to look for when we swirl the glass; the different aromas we sniffed; and how to allow the full flavour of the wine to wash over our tongue. She also advised us of what foods go best with each wine.

We tasted four glasses of wine: two whites, two reds. I generally prefer white wine, but according to Cherise, the reason most hate red wine is because they’ve (like myself) tasted the lower end version of red wine, and so it wouldn’t taste all that great. But following that wine tasting event, I would have to try a glass of red wine whenever possible. We both can tell you now that we prefer the Pinot Nior to the Merlot type of reds and what we like in our wine; we can now make educated guesses about our wine.

Did I enjoy myself at wine tasting?

I absolutely did, and he found it fun as well.

Was the experience worth it?

Omg! Totes magotes, it’s soooo totally worth it!

Would I recommend Wine Tasting at the Wine Shop?!

Is that not why I’m writing this post? YES! Call the Wine Shop at 876- 620-5098, make a reservation for you and your significant other, and enjoy a night of decadence, and elegance while tasting wine.


They also have an open kitchen with an extensive menu, so you can actually pair the wine you’ve tasted with the recommended foods on the menu.

*Name changed.



  1. Well… i went.
    It wasn’t bad at all, I found out though that I’m not a wine drinker. They just about ALL taste the same to me. My significant other loved it.
    What i really liked was the food… it was… refreshing. We had the bruschetta and some chicken/ pork pasta. It was simple and nice.


    • Yay! Great stuff! The night I went my sinuses were off the rail, so I couldn’t taste much difference with the wine, so I understand your plight. But it really is a nice experience I think. Glad I could suggest something worthwhile for you 😉


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