For the love of . . . TV!

I watch TV.


Probably more than I ought to. I mean, of the 24 hours in a day, if left completely up to me, I would spend roughly 23 of those hours watching television; even if nothing’s on, I would find something to watch.

So it’s a wonder to me how come I haven’t written about my love for TV before. Strange even!

I’m an epic fantasy kind a girl, in my books, TV shows, movies . . . I like being transported to a completely unreal world. And I would live there if I could. That illness or condition . . . that thing that came over many people after watching the Avatar, with the blue beings and the awesome world of Pandora . . . I had it, whatever it was, I had it. No joke!

I’m also the kind of girl who loves to have TV show after TV show to watch on a week night – any night to be more accurate. I know, I know – it is a giant waste of time and I should limit my TV intake to at most one hour per day during the week . . . but it feels sooooo good to have, and this would be my typical Sunday night television time – Once Upon a Time, followed by Game of Thrones, then The Walking Dead, and lastly the Real Housewives of Atlanta (look, I already told you, my one vice is the Real Housewives – Do. Not. Judge!!!)

Last night, I was happy for the return of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD which was on break for the holidays. Shortly following that was a new series called Intelligence starring Josh Holloway among many other would be known actors. If you were me, you would know Josh Holloway as Sawyer in Lost and would be excited to see him in action again.

Intelligence is an action-adventure series which aired on CBS last night. It follows an intelligence agent, Gabriel Vaughn (Holloway) who had a super-computer microchip implanted in his brain which allows him instant access to the global information grid. He can analyse crime scenes in detail long after the crime occurred, by what appears to be a ‘walk-through’ of the actual scene. He is paired with a secret service agent, Riley Neal (played by Meghan Ory) who was reluctant at first to take the job but ends up protecting Gabriel with her life.

The pilot was interesting enough and bore the promise of development. I liked that the main characters had real chemistry. There are shows, like Sleepy Hollow, in which the two main characters took a while to warm up to each other, and it was clear in that series. In Intelligence, the chemistry isn’t forced. During one particular shoot-out, Riley pushes Gabriel out of the way of an onslaught of gun-fire. I almost thought she thought she was bullet-proof, that is, until she got shot. In the aftermath, as she’s getting patched up by the paramedics, Gabriel mentions how he actually saved her life.

“But I took a bullet for you” she exclaimed.

“Oh come on, it was just a flesh wound.” He replied.

As simple as that conversation was, you could feel the chemistry, and you can’t help but smile.

Intelligence included some well-timed acrobatics, sci-fi gadgetry, and you got an idea of Gabriel’s back story regarding his (unconvincingly) deceased wife, his father and brother and the story behind his microchip implant.

In all, I think the pilot was good, and I look forward to the upcoming episodes, provided it doesn’t get cancelled before then.

Until next time . . .




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