Under the tree

Beads of sweat ran down her neck and into the valley of her bosom. Even in the cool cool shade of the mango tree, the heat engulfed her to exhaustion. Her vision began to shift and shimmer as mirages formed before her. The heat so unbearable she could only take short shallow breaths, the air around her grew thick. Her once loose-fitting blouse now clung to her body and made the day uncomfortable. She could not wait to leave this hellish place.

It wasn’t quite summer yet. There were another two full months before the first of the summer, then she’d really be in for it.

She wiped her brow with the back of her hand wondering how much longer must she wait. She knew fully well that it was much better to be stuck here under the tree rather than out there, in the fullness of the scorching midday sun. She sighed, and continued to wait, impatiently.

She could not tell you at what point she had closed her eyes. She would swear she only blinked for a second, but that single lapse in judgement found her stranded under the mango tree, in the middle of nowhere. When she opened her eyes, she found herself in a wide open field made barely visible by the setting sun. No one was around, all the cars were gone and the grounds were now empty.

She was the only one left, sitting under the mango tree at the Driving Examination Depot, all by herself with no ride home and no idea what to do next.


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