New Year, New Theme, New Me!!!


I pray your New Year is productive, prosperous, and filled with much blessings and love and happiness and laughter and growth, no stagnancy or complacency, and in my case NO procrastination.

As I look back on the year that was, I am overwhelmed by the countless opportunities and possibilities that lined my path. I have come to the conclusion that I am indeed VERY blessed and highly favoured, for so many things to fall into place as it did this past year.

Let’s see . . .

I started my blog in March last year, writing short stories and random musings. And amazingly, you guys decided to read my blog and follow me and for that I am grateful. I’ve also been ‘Freshly Pressed’, which according to some are a phenomenon, which probably explains why it only happens once . . . it only happens once, right?! Or did I miss that memo?!

I was promoted in my job to Junior Fiber Engineer, which was a bigger deal than I could imagine. The fact that I still have a job and a somewhat promising job at that, is a blessing, and one of the greater achievements of the past year.

I completed a Project Management course during the summer and have decided to complete other short courses over the upcoming year. The fact that I found a direction, something I actually want to pursue, is huge for me!

We sold our jalopy of a car and got a new-to-us one. One which hasn’t failed us yet, and I have to say . . . it’s a bit unnerving. Like, I just assumed all cars break down at least once a month. Is that not how it goes?! Or did we just have a very bad experience with our first?!

We got engaged, which is another reason to look forward to the New Year, right?! And I’m loving the whole ‘wedding planning’ process/experience.

Moya-Renae Dec 2013

I’ve made some new friends, ones that make me wonder where they’ve been hidden all this time. And on a side note, I’m a newly made God-mother to a precious little bundle of . . . well I was gonna say ‘giggles’ but she doesn’t giggle for me. No, she screw-faces a LOT but I love her because that reminds me a LOT about me :/

I am so grateful for the experiences of the past year and what they mean for the new year. This year, although it appears like any other year, is the year of BIG THINGS! I just know it! Big things for you, Big things for me.

Now, I’m not big on resolutions because we . . . sorry, I . . . tend to break them and throw them away. But there are a couple of things I want to accomplish this year, and a couple of habits I want to form or reform.


20140106_133041There’s the usual ‘Read and Write something everyday’. This year I want to read a new book every month, which would take care of the ‘Reading something everyday’ goal, right?! This month I’ve chosen to read Seeds of the Earth by Michael Cobley. Apparently it’s book one of a space-drama trilogy. Fun stuff right?! Well, it took me 3 re-reads and my fiance’s input before I could understand the prologue. Yes . . . just the prologue. So, it may take me 3 months to read this book, but I’m sticking to it!

As for the writing everyday part, I need to keep at it. I know I can disappear for weeks on end here, but I endeavour to publish at least one post each week, even if nothing’s happened, I’ll post a ‘hello World’ at least once a week. I want to also write a new short story every month because at the end of this year, I want to publish my first book of short stories. Even if no one buys my book, I just want to know I did it, that I . . . wrote the stories, and published my first book by December 2014.

I’m going to learn to cook one new meal each month and I will try to post about it as well.

I’m also going to take an active role in training for those 5k runs that will be popping up around the place. There was one this past weekend that I missed, and one next Saturday that I wanted to participate in: the Palisadoes Charity 5k Run/Walk. Unfortunately I missed the deadline for registration and am kinda bummed about it. I mean, I’ve seen the sunset on the Palisadoes, and it would have been cool to experience the early morning run out there. The next run is in February, the Sagicor Sigma Corporate 5k Run, and I will train my ass off for this one.

I plan to complete some short courses, mainly in Video Production (which means you may see more home-grown videos on my blog), Graphic Design, and some other Business related courses.

I’ll be getting married in April . . . have I said it enough yet?! Don’t answer that. So soon we’ll be starting a family of our own, with our own traditions and I cannot wait 😀

So you see, this year is destined for GREATNESS! It’s really up to us whether we want that Greatness or if we’re ‘ok’ with mediocrity. I know I’m not!

So I wish you all the best and the gonads to go after and make your year GREAT!

Nothing changes if NOTHING changes!!!

Bless Up mi dupes . . .

PS: The first big change happening in Lesie’s World . . . New Theme. I forgot to mention it. I think the new theme will represent the new direction I’m heading in, simple, clean, and it showcases my photos better than the old theme. Plus, I wanted a change to the layout . . . I just got bored :/

What do you think?



  1. I got exhausted just reading all your plans! Whatever you do, however you do it and wherever you do it – have fun!! Love the new theme – and heavens, April is not so far away is it? How exciting – what a year it was for you and what a year it is already! Whoo-hoo! Go Char!!


    • Thanks much Pauline! I hope to have fun doing the stuff I plan to do, sorry the list is exhausting – I guess that’s what happens when you don’t finish the stuff from last year. I hope your year will be filled with greatness too. I see you’ve already started on that foot 😉 so Kudos to you too love! 🙂


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