Fridays Favourite . . . Dresses *Big Day Edition*

Obviously, I’m not adhering to any wedding planning outline while posting. I’m just trying to keep you up-to-date with my progress by showing you what I’ve done so far.

Last week was about my five favourite wedding locations.

This week it’s all about the dress.

Ladies, you know how important this aspect of the wedding is, right?!ย We have to find that perfect dress that truly represents us, our style, our personality, our beauty, our figure, all while allowing us to have fun.

Personally, I’ve never imagined myself in the traditional white (or any variation of white) wedding dress, with a poofy skirt, helluva train and ting. In fact, when I first saw Elie Saab’s dress below on the right, I knew that the idea of a traditional wedding dress went right out the window.

I am in love with the dress on the right.

But . . .

I couldn’t help my curiosity and decided to try on a couple of wedding dresses, just to get a feel for it, and get ideas. Plus, its apart of the whole process too, right?! I would have felt cheated and bamboozled by yours truly if I didn’t indulge in this little escapade.

So I went to Petal and Promises, a bridal boutique that specializes in wedding planning, coordinating, and floral arrangements. They had a special not too long ago where they offered massive discounts on the wedding dresses they had. What better time than that, right?!

Here are the dresses I tried on:

Dress # 1

Dress # 1 had a sweetheart neck-line with an a-line skirt with heavy beading on the body of the skirt. When I say heavy, I mean heavy. There was a little beading on the bodice part but not as much as the skirt.

Dress # 2

Dress # 2 was another a-line dress with a straight across top. As you can see there was some beading all over the dress which was a nice touch. This dress was considerably lighter than the first which was a plus for me.

Dress # 3

Dress # 3 had a sweetheart neck-line with a trumpet skirt. The simplest of the lot. The trumpet of the skirt was very light and flirty but there was some uncomfortable crunching of the dress around the mid-section. In other words, this dress didn’t fit quite right, but it was worth a try. Don’t you think?!

Dress # 4

Dress # 4 was a sweetheart mermaid style dress with beading all over the body. By far the best of the lot in my opinion. If I had to choose one, this would be it. And the sales agents could see the potential for this dress so much they decided to throw on a veil, just to solidify the decision (even though I wasn’t really buying it).

Dress # 4 with veil

I have to admit though, it was a good technique. I would have soooo bought this dress. It fit perfectly. I had no issues, no concerns, no objections to this one. I loved it.

But not as much as Dress # 5 which, unfortunately, you will not see until the day of the Big Day. Haha sowwi ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but so it goes!

I can’t show the world what I’m going to wear before the Mr. can see me. No no no no no!

But I will say this: Dress # 5 is beauuuuuuutiful, shexy, and not white (or any variation thereof), and it fits me like a glove, mi a tell yuh! Not to mention it didn’t cost me an arm or a leg.

I am happy with Dress # 5. Ecstatic even!



  1. I love dress #1… I wish I had more opportunities to wear pretty dresses like that… seriously… people need to throw fancy balls or something… but I say I was trying on one dress after the next like whatev… and then I tried on the right one and I straight up cried… such a wonderful time…


    • Yeah I liked #1 before I tried it on, but man was it heavy. I cant imagine wearing a dress that heavy all afternoon – just does not compute! But I agree with the fancy balls and such, we should so have more of those. And I kinda hope I make everyone else cry when they see me (kinda vain), but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, right?! Yeah, someone else should cry on my behalf. LOL! ๐Ÿ™‚


      • oh I know what you mean… everyone at my wedding was tearing up… right up to the point I realized I forgot my man’s ring… and then suddenly it was rather funny… luckily the ring was back in the dressing room so no worries… ๐Ÿ˜€ and the lesson there is don’t go assuming your maid of honor has the ring… and Congrats! you better post pics of the one you do wear…


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