Are you serious?!

To start this ‘Big Day’ journey, I need to share with you the Proposal story, right?! Isn’t that how it goes?!

It wasn’t anything big or out-of-the-way really, but it was in accordance with how we normal is.

We love vacationing in Negril, yuh see!

Our first trip (I can’t remember the year) was both our first times to Negril. Negril has always appealed to us as it’s really relaxed and mellow. Everything is along the 7-mile stretch so there is no chance of us getting lost. And it’s at the other end of the island, far enough to escape the town life, but close enough for a 4 hour drive.

We would normally take the Knutsford Express from Kingston to Montego Bay and then 2 buses from Mobay to Lucea and Lucea to Negril. A long arduous drive but scenic, intriguing and totally worth it. Come to think of it, we always went to Negril. We even went last December, our best time to date, I think!

We usually try to vacation at least once a year. This year however, has been a bit sticky in terms of vacations. You know when you have to sacrifice some things, out-of-town vacations were one of those to get cut from the budget, sad to say.

But one day in August, Mr. Man says to me . . . “Char, I’m exhausted. We need a vacation. Even if it’s for one night . . . as long as it’s somewhere outside of Kingston.”

So, knowing that he’s stressed and exhausted, I found and booked a one-night stay with Royal Decameron in Runaway Bay St. Ann. Not our usual vacation spot, but for a one-night trip we needed to go somewhere close.

2013-09-07 11.08.27
‘Flat Bridge’

I drove us down (or up, whichever way you want to look at it), through rain and all. Can I tell you, I haaaaate driving in the rain, further more driving through rain on a country road.

I’d rather pull over and hand over the wheel than brave rain on the country roads. Between the flooded slippery roads, and the hazy wind-shield, it’s the worst driving condition for my already blurry eyesight.

Anywho, I made it in good enough time so that we could get a little shut-eye before dinner was served.

I should have known through dinner, that something was amiss as He just didn’t feel hungry. I mean come on, it was a Resort buffet-style dinner and He wasn’t feeling for anything?!

2013-09-07 20.29.10
Midnight Stroll

After dinner, we sat by the bar taking in the guitarist and his vocal chops while observing the other tourists. He then suggested we go for a walk along the beach. On our way back, he said something to me (I really cant remember what he said) but I looked at him rather quizzical.

“Why are you staring at me Char?” He asks.

“P, we’ve been together for 7 years now, I can stare at you all I want.” I said unaware that he had stopped walking beside me.

“Well, if you’re going to stare at me you might as well be my wife.”

“What?!” I spun around and found him kneeling in the sand, fishing in his pockets.

‘Beauty for Beauty, Style for Style’

“Will you marry me?” He finally says pulling the ring out of his pocket.

“Are you serious?” I asked flabbergasted. We had spoken of getting married and whether he wanted to or not, but I would have never guessed he was gonna do it that night.

“Yes I am. So will you?” He asked again.

“Yes of course!” I said grinning my teeth off.

And that was how I became the Soon-to-be Mrs. We spent the rest of the weekend watching movies and chillaxing until it was time to leave.

I read an article shortly after that weekend about the things that tend to happen before, during, and after a proposal and I had to laugh as it was so true, in a particular regard.

So the article says something like, he’ll propose when you happen to have a pimple on your nose or forehead. I didn’t have a pimple (thank God), but my hair . . . was jacked UP! Embarrassing even :/



  1. Well, praise be! I think that is just the cutest and romantic thing! Not over the top schmaltzy or any of those other cringe making things – but something he had clearly prepared for – you were going to leave that hotel engaged one way or the other! Aren’t you glad you drove through that rain? A wonderful story for your grandchildren 🙂


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