Burpee . . . Sorry I’m kinda gassy :/

Yesterday I embarrassed myself at the Emancipation Park.

Well . . .

Yesterday, a friend of mine posted on Facebook that she’s doing this fitness challenge.

I, for the past couple weeks, have been feeling lethargic about my workouts. Not gonna lie, it’s been kinda difficult trying to recreate the habit of exercising in some way or shape at least 5 times a week. I mean I used to do it, but now all I think is “I just wanna watch tv”.

I would go to the park and jog 2 days during the week, maybe on a satday as well, and then I’d do cardio and zonal work the other 3 days. But, I got bored, and I got complacent, and lackadaisical, and I found some of my lost weight. I’m not proud at this time about my fitness level. Not to mention I’ve strayed a little when it comes to my low-sugar lifestyle.


This was not supposed to be about my walk on the fitness journey. *shakes head disapprovingly*

Where was I?!

Right, my friend’s challenge!

So, I see that she’s busting her ass off and that it only started on Monday Oct 7th. I thought, since I’ve been ditching my regular workouts, I’ll give this regime a try, especially since it started this week an’ all.

I decided to peruse the website and eventually signed up for the challenge.

Upon signing up I was taken to the challenge outline for Day 1.

Now, when I look at the outline of a challenge or exercise plan, I need to see moves I think I can do or have done, in order to invest my time in it, get me?! Mi nat doing it if mi cyaa figgah out di move dem!

So I looked at the challenge for Monday, and saw:

1. Run 1 mile as fast as you can and time it.

Easy! I go jogging more time. I might not mek di one mile, but I can try. Turns out, one mile is 1.6 kilometers. That’s approximately three times around the park. I can sooooo do that!

2. 60 seconds of dead leg lift.

I do the half-moon pose in yoga all the … many of the days … sometimes :/

3. 60 second squats.

Also done whenever I go jogging.

Then there was #4.

60 . . . Second . . . Burpees!


Now, the fact that I think I can do 3 out of 4 moves, though in truth there was a good long list of things to do but I only remembered those 4 things being the deciding factors – I figured I could just wing it when it came to the burpees, right?!

That was, until I realised after doing my three laps in 10 minutes (BOOM), that I don’t really know how to actually do a burpee. I remember not paying attention to the instructions because I had decided long ago never to do a burpee. And here I was at the park, surrounded by other fitness fanatics, attempting to do the one thing I swore I’d never do, whilst not knowing how to do said thing.

By the way, I also started jump rope the other day, another thing I swore I’d never do. And I know why too – the jumping gives me a headache.

So, I know you raise your hands above your head, stoop down, jump into plank, maybe do a push-up, I’m a bit fuzzy on that detail, and jump back up. Well, that’s exactly what I did. And…. I could only manage about 5 in the 60 seconds 😦 don’t judge!

So I made it a point of duty to go research the burpee.

Here’s a video on how to do the perfect burpee.

Looks or rather sounds like I did the right thing doah?! I still feel like I embarrassed myself, and could only laugh at my poor attempt.

I also did some crunches: I did about 40 straight crunches and could only manage to do about 30 bicycle crunches.

In all I partially sucked yesterday, but I’m striving to do better . . . Be BETTER!

What does your exercise plan/routine look like?



  1. DWL! But man you do really well! Those burpees look like killers to me, wouldn’t even consider going there! My exercise routine? I watched an exciting zumba DVD a couple of months ago, it was really good! 🙂


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