Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge asked for photos saturated with colour. Any colour, multi-colours, it doesn’t matter. But it surprised me how easily I found saturation around me yesterday.

It all started at my mother’s, while I waited for her in her garden below. I decided to get re-acquainted with my camera.

You know I love the ‘bottom-up’ kinda pics, so I started here:

20130928_135125_2Nothing to write home about. But then I stumbled upon this:



And this:



Which seemed more saturated in real-life and on my phone. It’s kinda dull here, but oh well!

I also stumbled upon this:



I love this pic, and just had to show you my genius 😀 even though this is not a saturated photo.

The back of the car reflected in the mirror gives the impression, as slight as it may be, that you’re seeing the front of the car in the mirror. And the tree in the mirror fits right in with the background, dont you think?! I thought this was cute!

Anywho, when Mommy showed, we went to the Kingston Bridal Week 2013 held at the Jamaica Pegasus which featured “Say Yes to the Dress” personality Randy Fenoli.

Here I took a pic but didn’t realise it fit into the saturated theme as much as it did:


He spoke on the different aspects of choosing the right dress for your wedding day, and ways in which you can translate your personality into the dress and the wedding itself. I’m not gonna lie, he is hilarious: fun to listen to, and very inspiring.

I also took a pic of a wedding cake with a monogram ‘S’ on the top for inspiration and found another saturated photo:


And then, I found this wedding dress . . . LOOOOOVE!!!


And there you have it:

A slice of my life, and the beauty all around, in natures saturation and man-made versions, and the random idleness and curiosity that comes with boredom that translates . . . into genius!



  1. I love all those photos Char. You do those upward shots extremely well, and this one is really, really good. The car one borders on genius – it makes the mirror look like a window – very cool! And the pink photos at the bridal thingy – now that is an amazing colour to be saturated with! And finally, I agree, that dress is amazing – what on earth is the skirt made of?


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