The Voice Recap: Finally Got a Piece of the Pie

I had to repost for one simple fact: a fellow Jamaican Tessanne Chin showing her singing chops on The Voice. #ProudJamaicanMoment #BreadandButta mi seh!


Tessanne Chin The VoiceFive seasons in, there’s no denying The Voice has its predictable rhythms.

There are typically four or five successful auditions per hour, offset by one hopeful who doesn’t get any chairs to turn. The coaches are as plain as the desperation on a Kardashian’s face when they’re truly excited to get a singer on their team (versus feeling kinda ambivalent after hitting the big red button). And no matter the case, Cee Lo is gonna say something daffy, like asking a teenage girl if she got her boots at ALDO, then insisting on snapping a photo of ’em (probably so he can purchase ’em online during a coffee break).

Still, what makes The Voice an enduring treat are the “did I just see that?” twists: Alice Cooper making a shockingly emotional (albeit twisted) cameo to support one of his former protégés. The awesome choice of The Jeffersons‘ theme for a bearded…

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