Colour me this, Collage me that

So I’ve told you sometime ago, that I got a new camera phone which allows me to take much better pics than the graininess I used to post. And in doing so, I wanted to try my hand at these collages I keep seeing around the place.

I chose a colour based on a blouse that I liked (bottom right hand corner) and made it a point to take pics or modify pics in that regard.

Here is my first (successful) attempt.

Collage 1 pizap

I first tried to make a collage in an app I downloaded; didn’t turn out so well and was a pain to maneuver so I uninstalled and tried another app.

This particular collage however, was done on, a free online photo editor and collage maker. I created this collage in 5 minutes tops.

Why can’t most, if not all programs, be as simple and easy to use?! *shakes head*

Needless to say, I’ve found a neat little site online I can use to whip up these collages quick and proppa!

What do you think?!



  1. I think the whole composition is really lovely – the photos are wonderful – the colours are gorgeous, the way you have repeated the lay-out pattern but offset it, the shining star is like a bright beacon that draws the eye in …. I would agree, it is a thoroughly successful first attempt! What a great little app! [I decided I need a new phone – my new avatar photo was taken with YD’s phone and it takes better pics than my camera.]


    • Aww thanks Pauline 😀
      Yeah, sometimes the camera phones take much better pics. Not to mention the fact that you can download a couple photo editors on your phone and edit the photos right there. I cant complain :/


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