Weekly Photo Challenge – Unusual POV

For the past couple of weeks – no lie! Since I got my S3 Mini (and yes I loves it like flies love . . . food), and it’s only been 2 weeks really . . . but, I’ve been living on my camera.

So I welcome the Weekly Photo Challenges on WordPress and on Instagram which I always seem to miss. They offer a great excuse to whip out my phone and snap a couple of shots here and there.

Not to mention those great photo apps like Snapseed and Photo Editor that allows you to enhance and modify your photos. I’ve found a way to improve on one of my passions, and I loves it.

This week’s photo challenge was Unusual Point of View.

For me, the unusual nature of these photos stem from the unusual positions I had to put myself in to take these shots. And that in itself was fun for me.


For this shot, I had to get down and dirty, into the sand, leaving imprints on my knees – which are not as young as they used to be. But I loved playing with the focal points here.


For this one, I had to climb on top of some rocks out in the water to get the shot of the beach as it surrounds the mound of rocks. I also dabbled a bit with filters for this one. Some tend to call me ‘Filter Queen’, but oh well!


This one was the complete opposite of the Instagram’s Weekend Photo Challenge which wanted views from above. I chose to do a view from below . . . and I kinda like it.

What do you think?

PS: if you want, you can view my Instagram here.

PSS: Photos courtesy of Yours Truly, location provided by Royal Decameron Club Caribbean Hotel in Runaway Bay Jamaica.


  1. Char, these are all great photos – quite different to those usual casual shots we take of something that catches our eye. I can tell you got down and dirty for ’em.! I like them all – the tree shot is wonderful, makes me dizzy! My favourite has to be No.1 It is so clear and the rock detail is great – just love it!! You is an artist my friend πŸ™‚


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