Fridays Five Favourite . . . Movies of the Summer 2013

20130905_142633_1What was the last movie you saw?

What did you think about it?

Are you one to review the reviews before you go watch a movie? . . . cause I’m a reviewer o.O

I mean, you could spend big bucks these days at the cinema, especially for a 3D movie, even on a 2-4-1 night.

The last movie I saw was Elysium starring Matt Damon. I don’t think I can review it without giving away spoilers for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. But I will say, it was suspenseful, action-packed, and a bit frightening, that the world as it is today sort of resembles that world, if you really think about it.

 “Everybody wants to ask me lately about my predictions for the future,” the director says, “No, no, no. This isn’t science fiction. This is today. This is now.”  Elysium (film) – Wiki


Other than that, I loved it. Except for the fact that the camera man couldn’t hold the camera steady as he was all over the place which did not help my motion sickness one bit. Yes, I get nauseous watching those shaky movies and FYI, I just found out that there really is a camera technique called the Shaky camera. I wish there wasn’t, but there is, and directors just loooove using it. Yay 😦

Before that I saw Pacific Rim on my birthday . . . was not disappointed one bit. You know when you have little to no expectation of a movie? It is only then that it blows you away and you truly enjoy it. 🙂 Yes, Pacific Rim was a decent watch!


Before that was . . . ta-tadaaa! Man of Steel. Started out a bit slow, and incoherent but it picked up and up and up and then Lois Lane just brought it down, and down, and down. I have conflicting feelings on this one.


But it doesn’t hurt that Superman is actually hot! Henry Cahill is such a sweety-pie. *big girl crush*

Char is over her conflicted feelings now.

Also before that was Iron Man. Tony Spark – STARK, hehehe Tony STARK was his usual charming self, the villain was not who and what I thought he was, which was Hilllaaarious! And the surprises . . . breath-taking. A pretty decent watch, better than number 2 in my opinion.

original iron man

And the movie that started it all this summer . . . Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages blah blah blah Star Trek: Into Darkness.

It. Did. MAAAD!!! Ehhem! It was Cross! Sorry . . . It did Bad. Still not conveying it. It was spectacular! Better?! 🙂

borrowed from

I’m still not sure which movie I would say was the Block-Buster Hit of the Summer. Alls I knows is, all five movies were Boss-like. And that made my Summer.

What a coincidence though, that I have exactly 5 movies watched this summer, just in time for some Friday’s Five Favourite . . . Movies of the Summer.

But tell me, what’s next on your To-Watch list?

What are you waiting almost impatiently for?


  1. I love Robert Downey Jnr – I watch movies I wouldn’t otherwise watch just because he is in them. You are right about the Iron Man movies – IM1 was so good, IM2 was a bit disappointing and IM3 is way better than 2 , but not as good as 1…… often the way with franchises don’t you think? [I really enjoyed the Sherlock movies with Jude Law.] I haven’t seen Elysium, but usually enjoy Matt Damon’s work so shall make sure I see it, even if it is a bit frightening ………… I usually end up sliding so far down in the seat I can only see the top third of the screen and I’m nearly on the floor when they get scary. I’m such a wimp! I missed the Star Trek movie and everyone says it was good – might have to watch the DVD …. Thanks for the heads up Char – always love getting recommendations for movies and books and music!


    • 🙂 Glad I could be of service my dear! Elysium wasn’t scary to watch really; it’s just the parallel that is drawn between our world as it is right now, is a bit frightening. But to watch it, it wasn’t scary, sorry I gave that impression. You should watch the Star Trek DVD if you can. It really is a good movie, and great to watch on the weekend when you and Orlando can curl up with some homemade popcorn (or whatever tickles your fancy) and have a movie night. I think I just sold myself on this idea too.
      Hope you have a great weekend though! 🙂


      • That is such a good idea – my favourite naughty food is homemade poopcorn sprinkled with savoury yeast flakes and salt …. mmm-yummy! I will have a great weekend – you too 🙂 And good to know about Elysium, maybe I just didn’t read carefully enough … shall watch sometime soon and report back!


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