the wonder years

I’m never usually the first person to share anything about . . . me. But I thought it would be fun to give you another little synopsis of my life in photo: the wonder years.



Wuddn’t I just a Cutey-Pie?! Who could deny this baby anything?!

I found this photo in my old passport.

Ms. Charlese Aikman


Height: 2 ft. 3 ins.

I had that passport until I was eleven. Can you imagine an 11 year old with a passport with that pic? DWL!!!

“I’m sorry little Ms. Aikman, but you don’t look like your passport shows!”


This is me at about 3.


And this is me, at 3 helping Mommy hand out flyers . . . I hope, and not just giving random strangers a piece of paper o.O


And this is me at 3, safely stowed in Mommy’s arms checking things off her list, ensuring we did our job well!

This is me at 6.


DWL – that dress was . . . frillehhhh!!!

And at 8, I had the bestest birthday party EVAR!


I had a Princess Barbie Cake, a bounce-a-bout, AND a little blow up pool, which back then was the shizznit! With as little friends as I had, that was a summer to remember . . . with my friends Jason, Natalie, my half-sister Afrikah, and Kara ๐Ÿ™‚


Me at 16, and my brother at 8. I have to say . . . him did kinda cute, back then! Lol!

Just kidding G.

My one constant through my wonder years . . . was my Granma. Not because my mom wasn’t around or anything, it’s just that a lot of my childhood was influenced and shaped by my gentle Granma.

A lot of the things I remember doing as a child was because of her, or something she taught me, or sewed for me, helped me make, showed me how to bake, crochet and macrome, and how to play Chinese checkers. And later I showed her how to play a card game called Spit and she’d play with me for hours.

Granma at her 86th earthstrong, and my Mom in the back, dying of laughter at something!

My Granma is the bestest!!!

The other day she told me a story.

One day, during my earlier years of course, the family had a function to attend and I was the first to get dressed and ready. But, being the busy-body that I was, I would not sit still but insisted on running up and down around the back yard in my pretty dress and new shoes.

So Granma calls to me, “Char, come sit down please.”

When I come over to her she says “If you don’t sit and be quiet you’re going to run, and slide, and drop, and hurt yuhself.”

She says I look at her puzzled for a minute. Then I said “So Granma, what you’re saying is, if I don’t sit down I’m going to do a lot of things?”

DWL!!! Why would I sit after all that fun sounding stuff?!

Which leads me to this:

This how me normal looks! No, Seriously!

I have been, and will always be, a Hot Mess . . . sitting on the floor somewhere, playing with some random thing, with my hair all helter-skelter. That’s me alright.

But . . . you gotta love me! ๐Ÿ™‚



So tell me . . . what do you think?

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