a day in the life of . . .

For those of you who’ve been followers of mine from the beginning, and have noticed my extended absence, please, once more, forgive me of my transgressions i.e. not posting anything in a really long time.

I’ve been caught up with a lot of things I don’t think are worthy of sharing, and I have a tendency to hide away from things, people, and commitments. I think it’s the introvert me who would rather do nothing than participate in life and I’m now trying to break away from that particular habit.

So today, I’m gonna give you a synopsis of my day so you can hear about it straight from the horse’s mouth. Am I calling myself a horse?!

I have been on sick leave for the past two days and today was the day I would return to work. There has always been, for me, some trepidation when returning to work after an extended vacation, or in this case – sick leave. How far behind am I? What did I leave undone that’s top priority? What environment will I be walking into today? All these questions fly through my head, my throat constricts, my heart beats a little faster, and there begins the stress all over again.

So I woke up this morning, said my little prayer, and got ready for work. For the past couple of months we’ve left home pretty late and would be plagued with bumper to bumper traffic on our way to work. This morning however, we managed . . . somehow, to leave earlier than usual and were startled by how empty the roads were. It was eerily free of traffic, like  how the roads would have been on a Sunday morning. Too strange!

Anyway, we made our way to New Kingston in record time, got breakfast, and then He dropped me off at work thereafter.

When I got to my desk however, I was pleasantly surprised to find my sweater – that which is always strewn over the back of my chair – half-way on the floor with tyre marks on the sleeves. See, even typing about it now raises my pressure, and I’m beginning to stumble through my typing.

How lovely a morning to be eclipsed by the thoughtlessness of others.

And this was not the first time I’ve come to work to find my sweater on the floor. At this point I can’t say who does this or why, but it pisses me . . . off.

Now, I’m the only female in an office of about 15 men. . . . I know right?!

I know anything I say would be considered bitching and these men tend to be more sensitive than I would have guessed. So I weighed in my mind whether I should mention this or just brush it under the rug like last time. But . . . I can only take so much and no more. I spoke with my boss and suggested that I move my desk to an area that is not heavily trafficked and where no one will be tempted to just sit by my desk. After much hemming and hawing, he finally agreed.

Here’s my old desk:



Here’s my new desk:


Already, I see and feel a difference. Moving, whether it’s an office, house, or just a desk, enables you (and me) to get rid of some clutter, rearrange your space, and start all over from scratch.

Although my day isn’t done, not even by a long shot, I feel better for the tiny miracles and small changes. And I’m grateful for new beginnings.

Pray I don’t come to work on Monday and find my sweater on the floor again. Pu’lease!!!

How was your day?



  1. I think it is very [under-lined] important to have your desk in the right place. We all have different personalities and temperaments and, if allowed to, will find our own spot where we work best. Someone else will love to work in the middle of a heavily trafficked area. I also understand what it is like to be the only woman in a pile of men ….. [does that sound right?] When I was a new teacher I was the only woman in the group of class-teachers. It was such a shock to my system 🙂 Over the years however I learnt so much – mostly how to order my feelings and thoughts into coherent sentences that my colleagues could relate to. I do hope your sweater stays safe, that you feel better and that you remember how dear you are to your bloggie friends …… Waiting for you to respond to my response to your comment on my last post. I’m serious it would be fun for me to do and it would probably end up being a birthday gift for you next year 🙂


    • Thanks for understanding Pauline, that alone makes me feel so much better.

      I didnt see your response to mine, but I would love one 🙂 thank you very much Pauline. A5 would be great, I cant wait to see what you’ve come up with 😀


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