Daily Prompt: How it all began . . .

Today’s Daily Prompt asks: Why did you start your blog? Is that still why you blog, or has your site gone in a different direction than you’d planned?

*Takes deep breath*

I started this blog as a means to stay on track of my 30 Day Writing Challenge. I wont say when I started the Writing Challenge but the reason I started one in the first place is this:

One day earlier this year my other-half said to me that he wants to start writing stories. He had the ideas, (and plenty at that) and made efforts to write down as much of the ideas as possible.

At the time I thought “how avant-garde of him” to pursue something like that.

Then there was the guy from Glee, who wrote as a child and decided to do the movie ‘Struck by Lightening’. 

I wondered if those were signs meant for me.

So I asked God to send me one more sign because I was not quite sure if this message was meant for me and He promptly said, though not in this tone, “But my child, you too wrote a story as a child. And you still write everyday, though it may not be stories.”

And I was like . . . “huh! Fancy that.”

And it was true!

I remember spending my evenings after school, while waiting at my Mom’s work place, typing out on her computer – a story. I can’t remember the entirety of the story but it was of a young lady who was kidnapped and was fighting her way out. I remember describing a car crash in which she purposely crashed into a light post so she could get away. And I was not yet 15 when I started this story.

Fast forward to 2013

When He reminded me of that story, I decided to find a month-long Creative Writing Challenge to hone my skills and develop the habit of writing daily. But, one of the things about writing is you have to make people know about it or you wont improve, you wont keep up with it, you wont put out new material.

Step into Lesie’s World

Now in my case, I’m an introvert. I don’t often share the things that happen for me, with me, around me. But funny enough, it was an easy decision to start a blog to post my stories. I figured – those in the blogosphere wont really know ME; I’m just a voice in the atmosphere; they’ll just read my stories (or not) and move on.

How wrong was I. And how glad am I that I was wrong.

I’ve found some really cool people to follow who, for some unknown reason find my stories and posts somewhat interesting. And I was not prepared for the fact that there would be people who live and work around me who would also follow my blog. And they are even more prone to keep me on my toes when it comes to writing.

My Blog today

Though I technically have one more story to write to complete my 30 Day Creative Writing Challenge (don’t judge!), I’ve found that my blog has evolved beyond the writing challenge. I still post stories and even after I’ve completed the challenge I will post other stories but I also post on the exciting and interesting things about my little island home Jamaica. I try to keep my thoughts and ramblings to a minimum on this medium as any introvert would, but I find myself writing on all sorts of other topics for which I can’t categorize.

I’ve also found that blogging has helped me with other writing challenges in ways I would have never imagined. I’m currently doing a business plan and find it a lot easier to put my thoughts down on paper than it was this time last year. This blog has or is rather, preparing me for the next phase of my life.

I can feel the winds of my life change everyday with this blog and I have to say I’m not that scared though it still frightens me.

So . . . again to all my followers, especially Pauline from the other side of the world and Philmore from the other side of the office, thanks for following me, being patient with me, and encouraging me with the likes and comments and ping backs, and cussings. I really and truly and honest to God appreciate you ALL!

Nuff nuff nuff Love and Respect . . .


  1. And this here little article shows just what a great writer you are becoming! I’m so proud!! 🙂
    This little peek into the heart of you is very special. Please keep writing about your life and showing us your treasures and sharing your joys and sorrows – and your culcha! I love it all! And I’m also curious now, did your other half carry through with his writing? Did he start a blog too? Or was it all part of God’s plan to get you under way? Big hugs xx


    • Thanks for all your kind words Pauline 🙂 My other-half though, he started a blog not too long ago but isn’t quite sold on it as I am, so its still in limbo. But he writes, I’ve actually posted a story or two of his (https://lesiesworld.wordpress.com/2013/04/23/the-siege-by-patrick-reid/). I always see him scribbling something in his book though, and I know one day all will be revealed and soon you’ll hear of the Best Selling Authors from Ja; hopefully I’ll be on that list as well.


      • Don’t know how I missed that – but I did! The ‘comment’ section isn’t there so I’ll leave one here. He writes really [underlined!] well. Vivid, lucid, polished. Tell him he should be writing every day, practising his craft and honing his talent. I’m excited for both of you – keep at it!


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