Day 29: Mi dear ma’am

Dear Winnie,

Is how you duh mi love? A long long time mi nuh hear fram yu, mi hope seh evryting good fi you.

Mi arite ennuh, yu nuh need fi worry. Joshua an Stacy dem good, dem a go inna firs’ form yah now. Can yu believe it? Dem tall and lenky like dem puppa, God rest him soul.

Mi dear ma’am, mi a write fi tell you seh mi meet one man. Yes mi dear, mi finally meet him. Him sweet and sexy you see ma’. He skin pretty an clean an he have nice curly hair. Him teet dem nice an white an he eye dem blue like di sky.

A seh, when me an fi him eye mek four, mi jus know seh mi was in love. I wish you could meet him, for me a plan fi married him.

Yes ma’am. Mi haffi married him off before smaddy else ketch him. Mi wudda mad fi mek dis one get weh.

Mi meet him pan dis intanet ting di odda day an fram mi see him mi skin ketch a fiyah. Lawd him sweet so till.

See mi sen you one pikcha a di man but look here Winnie – duh, nuh fall in love wid him, yu hear? Mi know seh yu have a ting fi di man dem weh me like but a love me love dis one Winnie. Look pan di pikcha but duh, nuh love him off.

Anyways, mi jus a hail you still, an a mek you know di movements.

Tell Mama Clova seh me seh ‘hi’ fi mi. An kiss baby Johnny fi me too.

Love you,

Stacious . . .

Premiere Of Universal Pictures' "Land Of The Lost" - Arrivals
Will Ferrell
but I doubt Stacious knows this :/

I know, I know . . . this is at least 3 months late but I had to try and actually finish this challenge.

Day 29: Your character believes in love at first sight and believes she has fallen in love with someone in a photograph. She makes up her mind to marry this person.

Now I also know this is supposed to be a story but I think or thought rather, a letter would be fitting.

What say you?



  1. I want the ‘LOVE’ button!! So good, so good, so good …….. and having to read it slowly to translate makes it all the better and funnier – this my dear is your genre – I am so glad you finished it! [Deserves to be freshly pressed in my opinion!!]


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