Too much on my plate…

Is there such a thing as setting too many goals for yourself to the point of overwhelming yourself?

I swear that’s my problem.

If I were to list out the things I want to do and achieve by the end of this year, I’d probably have to write at least 3 blog posts just to include everything.

But the thing with that is, I’m feeling overwhelmed, and I beat myself up for not accomplishing at least one of those many things that I set out to do.

And the list grows every day, can I tell you?!

I know at this point, the problem lies with my perception or my internal thought process as it relates to setting goals and achieving them. Now, I’m beginning to think of goal-setting in relation to one’s dinner.

Bare with me on this.

I was convinced sometime ago to practice portion control with food. In other words:

  • go for smaller portions
  • increase the amount of meals per day (for example increasing the usual 3 square meals to 5 smaller meals per day)
  • eat slowly
  • drink cold water before eating

Things like that which will control how much you actually eat.

Can goals be broken down like that?

  1. Into smaller portions of goals set for each day?
  2. Into goals set at different times throughout the day instead of after work only?
  3. Consume them slowly or set longer times to accomplish them?
  4. And to drink water before I start? (because I can’t think of the proverbial ‘water’ in this case)

Am I insane for thinking like this?

What do you think? Will it work?




  1. I understand how you feel completely. I keep having new ideas and projects I want to accomplish – personally (health wise) and business wise…while balancing a full time demanding job, friends, spiritual growth and family…i’m yet to find this balance…….sigh


  2. This is brilliant! Yes, yes and yes!! [drinking water actually and metaphorically IS necessary] and don’t forget the number one rule ‘prioritise’ There are just so many hours in the day and we have so many responsibilities and we just can’t do everything – no matter what the super-women tell us!
    I’m a bit the same myself at the moment – life is interrupting my blogging and its a real pain ……. I have learnt to become easier on myself lately, if I miss my aim, I miss my aim. Review, re-prioritise and set my mark again……. Reading this post has helped me this morning my friend, so thanks and a hug to you!! 🙂


  3. you need to prioritize… see I’m in school now so that’s what’s most important everything else will take a back seat… I actually do make lists cause that’s just how I roll… so I list my homework for each class which is usually a weekly thing… and I have dates that they’re due so I do what’s due first first and so on… then when I’m done with what’s most important I can worry about other stuff like are the dishes clean because having a messy house is no good… well now I finally managed to get my house clean so then I can think about what to do after that… like my blog… and I love my blog but in the grand scheme of things it’s the least important to me but I have time so I post something and sometimes I write up extra posts so that if I don’t have time I can post a pretyped up post no worries… you just have to figure out what’s most important and focus on things one at a time… because I’m the queen of getting overwhelmed and freaking out… so I know how easy it can be… for me it’s all about overplanning overestimating and making lists like they’re going out of style so I can check them off and see the progress and enjoy when there’s really nothing left to be done but sit on the couch and watch some TV…


    • You are absolutely right! I really need to prioritize my goals and make lists. I usually do make lists, for work at least, but obviously I need to make them for my life as well.
      Thanks for the suggestion and support 🙂


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