aside I was just wondering . . . by a

I was just wondering . . . by a show of LIKES . . . how many of you actually plan your blog posts?!

Even though I’m an involuntary planner of things, to plan something I do for fun just seems to limit the possibilities. SO I just wanna know if it’s the thing to do or not so much!

Thanks for your feedback . . .



  1. I sometimes do – the ‘Box to Book’ series for example – but mostly not -whatever I feel like doing in the moment really ……. It’s a good question, I shall follow the responses too……………


    • Ok cool! I generally blog spontaneously too, but lately I find I have to make a conscious effort to blog on a regular basis, which requires some level of planning.
      Thanks for chiming in 🙂


  2. I started out just writing about whatever, then I found myself falling into a pattern of Coffee in My Garden on Fridays (my first day off after a hectic week) and Sunday Morning Sing Along mostly because I’m warming up to sing at Mass and am in music mode on Sunday mornings. And now apparently I’m into Bringing Order Out of Chaos as well. And Pup Walks. I think I think in themes while maintaining the spontaneity of telling myself I’m just doing whatever.


  3. I blog spontaneously. I mean that when something remarkable occurs ,I wonder if it’s worth while sharing , and turn it into a post !
    It’s so much fun ,like this!


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