Day 28: a Story and a Day

The view from the 17th floor balcony of the Pegasus Hotel was spectacular.


Julia could see all the way to the harbour from here but her mind was preoccupied with other things. She had stepped out onto the balcony to get some fresh air and clear her head but found herself watching the joggers in the park below wishing she was anywhere but here. Actually, she wished she had eloped instead of involving her mess of a family in the process.

The balcony doors slid open for a brief moment, exposing the raised voices that came from the room within. Julia’s aunt Miralda stepped through and closed the door behind her.

“What’s the meaning of all this?” She said as she gingerly sat on the patio chair, careful not to wrinkle her paper thing baby blue dress. She wasn’t fond of heights either, but her presence was always a comfort for Julia.

“Aunt Mir, it’s my wedding day. Mine!” Julia turned to face her aunt and suddenly felt an overwhelming urge to cry. Her eyes welled up with tears till they overflowed, ruining her wedding make-up.

“Oh sweet child. You’re ruining your make-up, and your hair. You shouldn’t be out here like this, in your wedding dress, and all.” Miralda tried to console Julia.

They are ruining my day though Aunt Mir. It is MY day, not my mom’s, not Gran’s, not anybody else’s but mine.” She pointed toward the door, frustrated with her family for making this day all about them and not her.

“So tell me Julia, what is the problem?” Miralda sighed.

“I don’t want to wear dead Aunt Silvy’s wedding dress. Simple as that.” She turned back to the skyline just in time to see a plane land at the airport, just beyond the harbour.

“Julia, you know how it was a dream for Aunt Silvia to see you get married. Since she’s not here now, the least you could do -”

“The least I could do?! Oh, since I let Aunt Silvy die before I got married, you mean?”She turned to face Aunt Miralda once more but saw a different woman sitting before her now. Miralda was the mother Julia never had: understanding, kind, and rational, never taking sides. She always presented an objective view and Julia cherished that.

Today though, that Miralda was gone, brain-washed by the family that threatened to ruin her wedding day.

“How could you say such a thing?” Miralda squeaked her disapproval and Julia knew she had gone too far.

“I’m sorry Aunt Mir. But asking . . . no, demanding that I wear dead Aunt Silvy’s dress -”

“Please stop calling her Dead Aunt Silvy. It’s just Aunt Silvy.” Miralda interrupted sternly.

“It’s not fair to me!” Julia continued after taking a deep breath. “Mom didn’t have to wear it when she remarried the third time, and neither did Jen nor Jasmine, they were exempt as well. It’s just not fair. This is MY wedding day, and I will get married with or without all your blessings, but I am NOT . . . going to wear . . . Aunt Silvy’s wedding dress! End of Story.” Julia’s head pounded and spun, her heart raced, and soon the world went black followed by a distant scream.


“Would you mind giving her some room please?” A familiar voice rang through Julia’s mind.

I know that voice, she thought.

She tried to get up but nothing happened. She tried to open her eyes but only saw black. Someone sat on her right side and leaned over her; she could see a shadow float through her dark sky and that’s when she opened her eyes.

Leaning over her was her groom-to-be, Scott, dressed in his suit, smiling down at her. He wasn’t supposed to see her before the wedding, not like this at least: dishevelled, unkempt, and unconscious in her wedding dress no less. But this was a pleasant surprise for her.

And even though it was the smelling salts that woke her up, she will always say that it was Scott’s unforgettable Hugo Boss cologne that woke her up and brought her back to life.


Day 28: Write a story that includes a family argument, 17th floor balcony, and an unforgettable perfume.




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