Where have I been all this time?

Yeah, I know I’ve been MIA the past two weeks at least. Some of you might not have noticed, but a good few have, and have asked me ‘what’s up’. And while I’ll usually answer “nuttn much”, I know that’s not completely true.

A lot has happened in my little insignificant world. For starters, we (my boyfriend and I) got our jalopy of a car sold . . . finally! (good riddance) So there was some running up and down on our part trying to get those papers in order.

Then, to my surprise, well . . . kinda sorta like, I finally got my promotion at work. After seven years I finally have a title and you are the third set of people to hear about it. I am now officially a Junior Fiber Engineer, which basically means I’ll be really busy the next couple weeks to a year.

But aside from the great things that have happened in such a short space of time, I’m confronted with the fact that I need to manage my time more efficiently. And I need to include the things I love to do and want to do, like blogging.

Like my good friend Pauline once wrote, ‘I actually like blogging’, and I like blogging on WordPress. I have tried blogging before and just never really stuck with it. But here on WordPress the community of bloggers are so much more personable and supportive and I like that, a lot.

I still feel like I write sh*t, but you guys will never tell me that, right?! So I feel comfortable putting my sh*tty thoughts and ramblings out there for you guys to just shake your heads at me, and I don’t feel a way about it.

I say this all to say, there are some things I know I need to work on:

  1. I need to set aside some time to read other blogs – Generally I need to set aside an hour daily to read and to write. And apart of that reading time should include other blog posts as well.
  2. I NEED to finish this 30 Day Writing Challenge – “It’s beginning to look bad now, Char” . . . “I know, I know” she frowns 😦 . . . I started to feel like I couldn’t write anything because I’ve been procrastinating in finishing this Writing Challenge.
  3. Slowly and surely finish the projects around the house that I’ve started and not finished – and hopefully do such an amazing job I cant help but share it with all y’all.
  4. I NEED to be more consistent in my posting – I need to create a posting schedule and stick with it, as much as I can.
  5. And I need to be more mindful of the things I put out into the world  – and not just post randomness that’s not really helpful to at least one person.

I understand why people wish there was more time in the day. I could do with 2 more hours of daylight sometimes.

Now I know I’ve already said thank you for your support, but I doubt I can say it enough, so . . . Thank You ALL for bearing with me and being patient with me these past couple of weeks.

I think I’m back now, and hopefully better than ever.

But feel free to let me know . . .

Nuff Love and Respect



  1. Okay – now I understand … kinda, maybe, almost….. I’m trying to write something for the daily prompt – ‘switcheroo’ and guess who I want to switch with?? 🙂 When you write about your world, the sun shines through. I love that, I love you – even the down on yourself you [though I wish you wouldn’t be quite so tough on your perceived shortcomings!] Congrats on the promotion! Whatever it is you do – and I have no idea what a Junior Fibre Engineer does – you could write a post and tell us 🙂 Remembering I was once a teacher, and in response to your ‘you guy’s will never tell me’ here’s my tuppence worth: write about your world – that’s the name of your blog and those are the posts that sing! Take biographical experiences and write about them in the writing challenge – pay attention to tenses [past, present, future] stick with one unless the story benefits from the change. More power to your pen [or typing fingers] keep at it but don’t stress. Please can I come and stay with you, its snowing here!! Big hugs!


    • Big hugs for you too Pauline, there’s a place here for you any time! And I know you’d absolutely love it too. Especially if we went to the country parts, and the beaches, and rivers, oh the fun you’d have!
      And major thanks for your kind words of encouragement, your pointers (it’s great to get some real feedback), and suggestions. Really appreciate it, really appreciate you!
      So Cheers to you Pauline!!!
      And I would loooove to read about your ‘switcheroo’ when you’re done 😉 cant wait!


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