Don’t think I’ve forgotten you . . .


Today was a day that I have more than the usual to be grateful for. I’m pleasantly dancing between elation and exhaustion. . . but in a very good way.

Last week, I mean the entire week, I’ve been having a water problem, or lack thereof, and was forced into running up and down trying my best to get it sorted out, whilst hoping that the responsible souls would play their parts. And as luck would have it, everything fell apart so fast it left me with a whiplash.

But then, Friday came and I could see home base and I felt that last little bit of energy as I pushed myself to stay afloat and make it ‘home’.

This is where I tell you about my God’s amazing grace and awesome timing . . .

We, my boyfriend and I, had this car, that I loved, but it obviously hated us. It broke down left, right and center, pretty much any and everywhere it could. And last year, whilst in a state of broken-downness, it was stolen, recovered, and held in custody for the better part of the year. When we got it back, there really was nothing we could do to it, or about it. And for the remainder of last year and the better part of this year we’ve been unsuccessful in selling the car that hates us so much.

That was, until this weekend. I put the car up for sale again, fully aware that this would be the first of many exhaustive weekends trying to ‘sell’ this car to the prospective buyers. And with every viewer came the questions, the upturned noses, and the different guidelines to follow.

But, for some unknown reason I shall not question, somebody . . . no, lie – at least two people came and showed serious interest in the car. And all this happened this evening while I have my plumber working on the water situation.

Now I know some of you might say “You made all that happen yourself”, others may say “it’s just the way it works out sometimes”.

But all I can say is “Thank you Father” for is Him alone cudda mek evryting fall into place so neatly. I couldn’t do that. You mad?!

So henceforth and otherwise, this is why I haven’t posted today.

But in the mean time, you can go and check out this weeks’ Lesie’s Thrift Shop. I wont tell you what it’s about, just go check it out 😉 you might actually like it.

I think amma sleep like a dog tonight!

And to all ya’ll, be BLESSED!!!



  1. What a week – I was wondering how you were getting on – but well done you, you made it through! And here is my tuppence worth on your week: It always works out alright in the end – so if its not alright, it’s not the end! I hope you are having an absolutely fabulous week this week 🙂


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