Daily Prompt – Landscape

When you gaze out your window — real or figurative — do you see the forest first, or the trees?

“Jah know dah mango deh ready eeh!”

Mek a tell you anedda ting bout Jamaica.

We full up a fruit tree.

When mi look out mi winda a mi yaard, mi see whole heap a roof top and satellite dish and water tank and ting. But spotting di scenery, a di lush green mango tree dem, di ackee tree, mi see one cokenat tree, mi see tambrin tree, mi see arringe tree, an mi see all sort a odda tree weh mi not even know di name dem.

Di tree dem a spot up mi scenery
Di tree dem a spot up mi scenery

You know what is di bes ting bout dem tree deh?

De fruit dem saweet you see ma! You eva have one mango yet?

Mek a tell you, we have so much diffrant mango mi cyaan even count dem pan mi hand show you.

My personal favrit is de Julie mango . . . mmmm! Mi can taste it even now. Mi also love a Bombay mango – tell you what, de bigga di mango, di betta fi me.

And you know wha a di betta ting bout dem tree deh? Dem deh evrywhere.

An we have a ting bout we you see. If we see a mango weh we want an we can reach it, we ago tek it. A nuff teef we teef, but a mango tree is God gift to we, an more time de owna nah pick di mango dem so, we help dem out a likkle.

Man, I love siddung a mi yard an just watch di tree dem. An dem look pretty when it rain too you see. A di pretties’ green mi eva did see.

An a dat mi love . . . we nuh jus have tree, we have di sweetes’ fruit trees like woaw!





  1. I read, slowly to get the full flavour, while the grey dawn lightens and the grey rain falls…… I get to the last line and giggle and then draw a breath and a big sigh escapes. To fully explain I would need to write a whole blog post! You write so well, I am there – great work [again!]


    • Thank you Pauline 🙂 and you are more than welcome here anytime.
      PS: if I get carried away with the patios and you don’t fully understand, would you please let me know? I don’t want to be rambling here and no one understands me, you know.


  2. Your mangoes must taste really good…
    I didn’t know there were so many types of them: when I lived in Venezuela ,they taught me that there are she- mangoes and he-mangoes……
    Do you agree?
    Your posts are full of zest and so lively!


    • Thanks 🙂 I will check on the he/she mangoes, find out if others know about that, and maybe do a post on it. But its the first I’m hearing them being referred to as such. But they are taaaaaasty! 😀 I like the firm and large ones, we have some small ones we call ‘Hairy’ and ‘Blacky’, there’s a whole world of mangoes.


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