Indications of a #BusyLife

A while back, I mentioned that I was enrolling in a Project Management course, which happened to have started on Saturday gone.

It got me to thinking about the various projects I’m currently working on and not finishing, and the ones I want to start but just don’t have the time or the energy. . . sigh.

Sometimes, the way things work out I wonder if its our life story finding its own way to align?!

Now I’m like, I have to use this Project Management course not just to be better organized at work and stuff, but for my many projects that I have yet to finish and yet to start.

successI have also decided to try this new thing called Time Management, I know it sounds all timey-wimey and stuff but I gotta do what I gotta do.

I have allotted time in the evenings after work to work on my many projects and to set deadlines and to commit to them and everything.

And the mere fact I’m declaring all this right here right now, scares the bleep out of me because, well now, you know . . . about my projects *evil glare* and stuff!

One such project is my Thrift Shop, of sorts.

So yesterday, Sunday I called my Mom and said,

“Hey, let’s go check out Dunn’s Electrical on Red Hills Road, they’re having a weekend sale, maybe I can get the bulbs for my lamps (another of my projects) at a better cost.”

She said “Sure hun, be there in a pinch.”

Two-two’s mom’s rolls through in her Laurel and we haul ass to Red Hills Road.

As we got there, the first thing Mom saw were the ceiling fans and she said she just had to have two, she got half off, nice huh?

Anywho, I found my ‘special’ bulbs, and we left after a free back massage.

Mom then said she had to pick up my brother Gianni, and we should check out this health thing on Old Hope Road.

IMG00976There we are at this craft fair/health expo and even though there was some interesting artsy pieces and some pieces I’d love to get, it was more about showcasing the natural options for many of our everyday products.

I began to wonder:

There were so many beautifully crafted things and naturally made things and locally made things that we don’t really put out there and we don’t know about.

In fact, there was an art fair last weekend, an annual art fair and I didn’t hear anything about it, it makes me sad.

So I’m starting a blog about the craft fairs and the yard sales, the thrift shops, antique shops, and health expos, even a closing down sale might make it in there too, you never know.

But here’s the thing with me . . .

You know I tend to start things and don’t finish them, I also have a problem engaging strangers in a very social setting, its kinda not me. So while I’m at the expo I had to overcome that trepidation fast and do the dang thing if this is what I really want to do, right?!

I got my brother to take some pics because yeah he just happened to be a photographer, I just can’t pay him yet.

Now I have committed to the people I spoke with at the expo and I am committing it to you. My Thrift Shop be posted on Sunday May 5th (hmm Mom’s birthday too), and I hope you like it.

So stay tuned for this and my myriad of other projects coming soon.

Rispeck mi dupes!!!


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