3 words: Lifestyle, Commitment, and Jogs

This post has nothing to do with writing (well, other than the fact that I wrote it :/) or the 30 Day Writing Challenge. This is just a random post.

Dec 2007
Dec 2007

I have always struggled with my weight. I’ve tried many methods of weight loss and nothing ever really stuck with me.

When I was in College, that was my best physical self I can remember. I played and trained for volleyball (which was the most effective) and football (soccer) among many other sports that I’ve tried along the way; sports like badminton, tennis, netball, I did a little basketball for a season, I did a lot. The constant training worked for me like a charm but once I left College and ventured out into the world of desk work I slowly packed on the pounds.

In 2007 I tried my hand at a Low-Carb diet but, I’m an incurable Carboholic and so I couldn’t stay away from the bread and the fries and the sweet potatoes and the pasta . . . oh the pasta. And even though I lost weight on the diet I wasn’t able to keep it off.

Last year March however, I decided to give up my love of sugar for Lent (that 40 day and 40 night period of self-sacrifice) and after seeing some results, I decided to maintain it as a lifestyle, not just for Lent, not just as a diet, but a lifestyle.

What did I do?

I gave up all added sugar, refined or processed sugar, and artificial sweeteners. I gave up soda (those who know me, know me as a Pepsi addict), danishes, cakes, pies . . . all the yummy sugary sweet stuff we all love and love to hate. But gratefully, on an eating plan such as this, your preference, taste and desire for sweet stuff decreases. Now, I cant drink a bottle or glass of soda, and some of the things I would generally go for are way too sweet for me. I have slipped several times, but for some reason its easier for me to get back on this track than it is with anything else.

June 2010
June 2010

To date, I’ve lost at least 30 lbs since last March (*happy dance*) and I’ve never felt better. In addition to the lifestyle change, I’ve also decided to add some form of exercise to my daily routine, in one way or the other. My other half and I will (try to) do yoga in the mornings while I do some zonal work in the evenings, with some jogging in between and sometimes on Saturdays. There are also some YouTube videos that I work out with; the great thing about it is, there are so many different workout videos, if I get bored with one, I try something else.

View from my Saturday Morning jog

During this process of mine, I’ve come to realize that whatever lifestyle change you do, whatever exercise routine you choose, whatever choice you make, you have to make a commitment to yourself to do it, no matter what. And along with that commitment comes the fine print section which states that I am human and will fall off my horse, a lot, but I MUST get back up and continue without beating myself up about it. And that makes me feel a whole lot better about it.

But . . .

Dec 2012
Dec 2012

Here’s my problem.

While I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight, and have created a lifestyle to maintain my current weight and tone my muscles, I know I’ve hit a plateau. I feel heavy, not fat, just heavy. Like no matter what I do, I wont be able to hit my subconscious weight target. I’m wondering if that will always be the case. I look at myself and I cannot for the life of me find the extra 10 to 15 lbs to shed. I like where I am right now, but my weight bothers me. And it’s not for lack of trying.

I’ve seen men, guys my height or taller and some much bulkier than I and I weigh more than them. What gives?

Have you been in this position where you’ve shed some fat and are comfortable with your body but your weight still deceives you?

What do you do?

What else can I try or do to weigh less than I do now? Do you have any suggestions?

My first Sigma Run 2013
My first Sigma Run 2013

Sidebar: This was my first attempt at the Sigma Corporate Run in February of this year. It was a 5.5k road race through the New Kingston area which raised funds for the Bustamante Hospital for Children, Jamaica’s National Children’s Home, and the Best Care Lodge Children’s Home. I did it in 35:08 minutes, on my first try. Truth be told, I’m sure I could have shaved off that 5 minutes if there weren’t so many people, but oh well!




  1. To she’d those last pounds I would say try a different workout. Maybe something like Zumba or even Insanity. I would say don’t compare yourself with other people…. As yuppy know all people are created differently, genetics being a big part of it. Muscles weighs more than fat….. Maybe toy have more muscle than those “tall mawga” people?? Hehehe


    • DWL I sure hope its muscle weight, that I can work with. I will try the Insanity someday (have to work my way up to it, lol), the Zumba I’m not so sure about, not completely sold on that one just yet.


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