Inside the mind of a fledgling Writer

I’ve been doing this 30 Day Creative Writing Challenge for a while now and it seems stretched out because I chose not to post stories on the weekends. I thought that it would give me a chance to catch up if needs be and to really evaluate how far I’ve come with this challenge. What are my Strengths, Weakness, Obstacles and where do I need to improve. I’m realizing more and more that this self-evaluation is really important with any lengthy challenge especially if its something you want to improve on and continue to do indefinitely.

Well, I can tell you, as a writer, I suck! Point blank and full stops. I’ve written at least 16 stories so far and I can only count 3 that I personally like: Day 10: The Leaky Inn, Day 7: The Phone Call, and maybe Day 1: The Apartment. Is that normal? And why do I continue to post? I dunno and I dunno.

What are my strengths?

Maybe the fact that I love writing and ultimately I love doing this challenge. There are some daily challenges that throw me for a loop sometimes, but at the end of the day I love writing, always have. So I know it’s not something I will soon give up on.

What are my weaknesses?

Honestly, and I know you will probably agree, I put the same type of character in every situation, every story. Yes, I’ve noticed this. Yesterday, I changed my blog quote to something about writing and schizophrenia and it turns out I’m a writer but I’m not schizophrenic. Not yet at least. Then again, I pride myself on being a quick learner. My second weakness, as pointed out by one of my critics, I write the same way, in every single story. The only change in my writing that I know of, was Day 10: The Leaky Inn where I tried to imitate the writing style of Patrick Rothfuss in The Kingkiller Chronicles, which also happens to be my favourite challenge so far. Now, I can’t and wont compare to Rothfuss, but imitating his writing style helped me think outside of my little box.

What are my obstacles?

*deep breath* my one-track mind, my habit of procrastination, and my limited knowledge of writing techniques and I’m working on all three.

What do I need to improve upon now?

Hmmm, how about everything? Yes my peeps, I have a long way to go. And if I truly plan to write and publish my books I will have a loooooooong journey ahead of me. At least, so says the many authors I’ve read about so far.

To leave you with some inspiration, here’s a post on How to know you’re a Writer. I thought it was uncannily accurate. Enjoy!


So tell me . . . what do you think?

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