Day 13. Changes

Day 13: A change of environment can sometimes refresh and recharge the brain. Do you normally write at a desk or at your kitchen table? Today, go somewhere different to write.


When Mr. King changed the time of his class from the usual 2-5 to 8 -10pm this semester, nobody made a big stink about it. Sure we’d complain because, you know, that meant you would have to stay at school later than usual. Yes, you’d miss a game or two, you’d miss a two for one movie on Monday nights, shit like that. But, in truth and in fact, his classes were the best class you could ever want to be apart of. This semester, it was ‘Astronomical Defenses and Astrological Impact’. I know right? Last semester it was ‘Clairvoyance and the Media’ and the semester before that was simply, ‘Pop Culture’. They were weird classes but if you needed extra credit, and didn’t mind the lecturer . . . why not?

“Goooooood Morning Class!” Mr. King’s voice boomed across the lecture hall. We didn’t see him enter the room but he sat perched at the center of his desk on the platform to the front. He was dressed in a grey thin-checked, three-piece suit . . . in this heat; his grey hair slicked back in an old Hollywood style.

As he introduced himself and charmed the newcomers, I could see there was a pep in his step, a chirp in his voice, and a glint in his eye. There was definitely something different about Mr. King.

I didn’t have the time to explain to you how Mr. King was the semester previous, but to see him this sharply dressed and moving about the classroom with such grace and agility at his bold age of 74, you would think he was still 29. And the smile he brandished, made me blush, and I’m not even sitting in his line of vision.

“Woaw” Carla breathed beside me.

“I know right?” I replied.

“Class, this semester I’m going to take you places and blow your mind.” Mr. King promulgated. “This year I’m going to show you the unknown and open your eyes to things not seen.” He mystified.

One student to the front of the class raised her hand meekly.

“Yes my dear.” Mr. King pointed to the student.

“Ah Mr. King -”

“Oh please, call me Luther. We’re all adults here.” He smiled ingratiatingly and beckoned for agreement across the class.

“Ok Mr. . . ah, Luther,” the girl stumbled on sheepishly. “You seem so different from last year.” She mumbled barely audible but Mr. King, I mean, Luther heard her.

“Oh sweet, sweeeeet Jessica. No need to be so . . . bashful my dear.” Luther swept down from the platform and stooped by Jessica’s desk clutching her hand. “You’ve been with me since last September. There is no need to fear me my dear.” He gently kissed her knuckles and returned to his central point on the platform.

“Now class, don’t be fearful of little old Mr. King here, I’m still me. I wont bite . . . hard.” He chuckled. “But there will be some changes. From now on, anything we do will be in the night, I cant explain why,” He raised his voice to overpower the outburst. “But trust me, and I know some of you will figure out why sure enough.” He winked at the class and several of the women sighed, a distinct sigh.

The end . . . for now.



So, the challenge for today was to change locations to get a better or new perspective but can I tell you? it was not easy. I attempted this challenge on so many different occasions and nothing flowed. I changed location at work (yeah I write at work sometimes, don’t tell anybody), I changed location at home at least 3 times and still nothing. And now that I finally have a story I doubt its even that good. Needless to say, I’ll be heading back to my usual suspects 😉


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