Shameful Honesty coming your way in . . .

It just occurred to me that I probably should give an update or an overview of how I’m doing in this 30 Day Creative Writing Challenge. I wouldn’t be a real writer if I didn’t write my thoughts too, right?

So to give you a little background . . .

Patrick and I decided to do this 30 day challenge at the beginning of February. Yeah, a 30 day challenge in a 28 day month? We thought it would give us leeway to ‘pick an choose’ any two we didn’t want to write. It didn’t exactly go like that though. We fell off that train so hard I don’t even know what knocked us off. Then we tried to get back on. He told his co-workers; he said it helps as a writer to tell people about your writing so that their interest in you keeps you on your toes. I didn’t have anyone to tell about this so I made this blog. (thank you for reading btw 🙂 )

I thought, “I’ve done at least 8 stories by now, I can start my blog on March 13 and just stay ahead of the game,” she said arrogantly. The blog was supposed to keep me on my toes.

So what happened next, you ask?

I wrote stories, got Patrick to read them, and never made the updates to them. So now that I read them over for the blog, I have to update them and I’ve changed at least two stories all together already *sigh*.

I’ve fallen so far behind, and missed one day to edit a story. I’m so bad.

There was a quote I read once that said, something to the effect of, yesterday is history, today is done but I wont be the same man tomorrow. Maybe I’m mixing up the quotes but . . . I’m letting you know that I see my mistakes, I will make my updates, and be a better writer tomorrow because of this.

So thanks for reading, thanks for your patience, and thanks for the kindness of coming my way 🙂

Sidebar: I am a smiley kinda girl.


So tell me . . . what do you think?

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