Day 8.2 Mrs. Ramsay

In the 30 Day Creative Writing Challenge Days 8 and 9 were repeated with different descriptions. I didn’t want to correct the days just in case you were actually following the Challenge itself.

Day 8 (Part two): Write a story about a bad or unpleasant person, make this person likable to your reader . . .

Today could be considered a beautiful day to the average person. It was Saturday, the sun was nice and warm in the chilly air, the sky clear and blue with not a cloud in sight. It was raining for the past couple days but when the rain finally let up, a beautiful day emerged. Today was one of those days you’d think about going to the beach or on a road trip, something memorable with friends and family.

But not for Mrs. Ramsay, this was the most miserable day of her life to date. Today marked the first anniversary of her husband’s passing and reminded her that her only friend, lover, confidant, and father of her children was now gone forever. Mrs. Ramsay had been in a depressed state since Mr. Ramsay died and barely managed to pull out of it just a couple of months ago.

Today, Mrs. Ramsay decided to go for a stroll instead of sulking around the house. There were too many memories at home and she thought the fresh air might do something good for her. She had been miserable, grouchy, distant, and downright unpleasant since her husband passed. With good reason she justified. She just didn’t know how to continue living and breathing. Her friends and family all tried different types of interventions but nothing worked; she even went to a shrink and felt no different. She just could not shake this dark cloud that haunted her.

She walked and walked today until she found the park overflowing with happy-go-lucky people milling about. It really was a beautiful day but her dark cloud would not let her enjoy it. She found a lone bench under a mango tree that overlooked the activities of the park and sat by herself; Mrs. Ramsay didn’t want to be disturbed in her people-gazing. Plus she was not good company at this moment.

“Why are you sitting up here by yourself?” Came a little girls’ voice breaking Mrs. Ramsay’s reverie. Mrs. Ramsay slowly turned to face the little girl who looked back at Mrs. Ramsay intently.

“Because I wanted to be alone.” Mrs. Ramsay replied indignantly.

“Why?” asked the little girl inching her way closer to Mrs. Ramsay.

“Because I like being alone.” Mrs. Ramsay answered and then added quickly, “Please don’t ask me why again” before the little girl could. She frowned then thought of another question.

“What’s your name?” the little girl asked sitting on the bench beside Mrs. Ramsay.

“Gloria” she replied . “What’s yours?”


“Where are your parents, Stephanie?” Mrs. Ramsay asked.

“Mommy’s over by that tree.” Sure enough, when Mrs. Ramsay looked over at the tree, there was a woman wrestling with a toddler while trying to keep an eye on Stephanie.

“So why aren’t you over there helping Mommy with . . .” Mrs. Ramsay hoped Stephanie would pick up the clue.

“Because Rob’s gross.” She frowned and crossed her arms in a pouty manner.

“Oh, I know . . . baby brothers. Yuck.” Mrs. Ramsay imitated Stephanie’s crossed arms and made-up face.

Stephanie smiled up at Mrs. Ramsay. A bright toothless grin, like there’s nothing missing in her world.

Gloria laughed. A cant-breathe, real-ab-workout laugh. This was the first time she’s done that in a year. Tears came her eyes as the dark cloud burst open. These, were good tears.



So, tell me. Did I accomplish the requirements of this challenge? What do you think about Mrs. Ramsay?


So tell me . . . what do you think?

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