Day 7. The Phone Call

Day 7: Your character gets a call from someone asking to talk to “David”. “You have the wrong number”, your character says. But instead of hanging up, the caller and your character get to chatting, and they decide to meet later that night . . .

“What are you doing?” Justine asked the police woman standing over her car writing a ticket.

“What does it look like I’m doing? I’m writing you a ticket.” The Police woman replied.

“But I can park here. This is not a no-parking zone.” Justine protested.

“Oh I know it’s not. Your license has expired.” Justine looked at the sticker on her wind-shield  It was stamped with May 2012, and it was now June. Justine frowned and stood back allowing the officer to write her ticket.

“And your tyres need to be changed, so you’re getting a ticket for that as well.” The Officer added.

“Is there anything else you’d like to write a ticket for?” Justine could not help her snarky comment. The officer looked over her shoulder at Justine and smiled.

“Keep up that little attitude and I may find something else.” She replied and went back to the tickets.

This was just not Justine’s day. Justine had been on the road all day running errands and while she completed most of her to-do list, Justine missed her 2 o’clock meeting, was currently late for her doctor’s appointment, and haven’t eaten lunch yet. She glanced at her watch, it was now 3:45pm. Justine shook her head. She pulled out her phone and called the doctor’s office to reschedule the appointment.

As Justine ended the call, the officer handed her the two tickets and wished she had a good day. Rolling her eyes, Justine jumped in her car and sped off into the afternoon traffic when her phone rang.

“Yeah” she answered absently, checking her itinerary and the lanes of traffic.

“Ah, hel – can – speak – Dav -?” The voice on the line cracked with bad reception.

“Huh? What?” Justine yelled into the phone. “I can’t hear you.” She put the phone on speaker and threw it down onto the passenger seat, then proceeded to maneuver out of a slow-moving line.

“Hello? Can you hear me now?” Came the voice, loud and clear.

“Yes, I can hear you now.” Justine replied.

“Good, can I speak with David?”

“Haha” Justine chuckled. “No you cannot.” She replied honking her horn at the taxi in front of her.

“Why not?” Asked the voice.

“Well, because there is no David here.” She answered, not sure why she was giving the poor voice the run-around.

“Well, when will David be around?” Came the voice again.

Justine couldn’t help but smile at this little game she played, unbeknownst to the voice. “I’m sorry, but your David will not be around, any-time soon, or even at all.” She replied.

“Ah . . .” Justine could hear confusion in the voice and chuckled to herself again. “Are you messing with me?” Asked the voice.

“Ah . . . kinda . . . maybe . . . in some sort of way” Justine said.

“Why?” Asked the voice.

“I dunno, maybe I like your voice and I feel like giving trouble. Truth is, you have the wrong number, but it made my day to mess with you a little bit.” She responded but then realized she may have taken her joke a little too far since silence followed.

“Hello?” she called. “Have I scared you off?” she asked trying to elicit some reaction.

“Wow, no I’m still here” came the voice finally.

“Thought I lost you there for a moment” Justine said.

“So you like to mess around with strangers huh?”

“Well, when you put it like that . . .” Justine left her statement hanging. She found it strange that she was enjoying this conversation. She couldn’t remember the last time she just talked on the phone, with no definite goal or purpose, just to talk, and to a complete stranger at that. This was a first, she thought. It must be the hunger, yes, that is what caused all of this.

“How would you put it?” asked the voice, intrigued.

“To be honest, I think I’m just really hungry, that’s why I was messing with you.” She answered.

“So it has nothing to do with my sexy voice? Cause you already said you liked my voice.”

“First of all, I am not responsible for what I say when I’m starving, and B. I said maybe I like your voice, but later decided it was the hunger.” Justine smiled to herself.

“What are you doing now?” Asked the voice.

“I’m in traffic now, trying to get back to the office. Why?”

“Where do you work?”

“Ok, now you’re getting rather personal there buddy. I don’t even know your name.” Justine said.

“I’m Kyle. And you are?” Kyle asked.

“Justine” she replied sheepishly.

“Justine” Kyle repeated as if tasting the name on his tongue. “Hmmm, so where do you work Justine?” Kyle asked making his voice even more seductive.

Justine hesitated, “At the Post Mall in Liguanea. Why do you ask?”

“Perfect” Kyle replied. “I’m currently in the Liguanea area and would like to feed you. What would you like to eat?”

“Are you serious?” She asked dumbfounded. Justine wondered who calls a wrong number and then offers to get them lunch? She’s never heard of this before.

“I’d be an evil man to joke about something like that, don’t you think Justine?” It was as if he sang her name whenever he said it. Justine loved her name, you don’t find many Justines at school or work. But the way this man, Kyle, the way Kyle said it made her shiver with delight.

“I guess so” she replied tentatively. “But you really don’t -”

“What would you like to eat Justine?” There, he did it again. How does he make her name sound so sexy, so intriguing,  so . . . delicious?

“Right now I could eat frogs if that’s what’s available. But I’d like you to surprise me, even though you’ve done that already.” Justine smiled.

“Hmmm, a challenge. I like challenges Justine. I think you and I will get along swimmingly.” Kyle replied.

“Is that all we’ll do, get along?” Justine could not help herself, she was deeply intrigued by this Kyle and for some reason would not listen to her skeptic subconscious.

“One day at a time Justine, one day. I’ll go get something for you to eat and meet you shortly. Don’t ignore my calls now. I know where you work.” Justine could hear the smile in his voice.

“I’m looking forward to it.” She replied and hung up, grinning from ear to ear.

So tell me, what did y’all think? I was smiling from ear to ear as I wrote this one. Still makes me smile 🙂


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